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Corpus Christi

With today's daily energy on June 16, 2022, on the one hand, we receive the energy of the now waning moon, which stays in the zodiac sign Capricorn throughout the day and until late in the evening and gives us appropriate energies through grounding, security and internal stability is the priority. It only changes late in the evening at 23:50 p.m Moon then in the air and above all freedom-unleashing zodiac sign Aquarius. On the other hand, the energy of Corpus Christi reaches us today, i.e. the feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

Energy of early Christian festivals

Energy of early Christian festivals

At this point I can only point out again and again that Christian festivals in particular, or even early Christianity itself, are associated with a deep meaning and truth. The early Christian has hardly anything to do with the values, information and interpretations that are propagated by the church, but rather the early Christian goes hand in hand with the manifestation and return of our true or divine/holy self. Essentially, it's about us getting back to it source be able to recognize in ourselves and especially in the external world (the external and internal worlds are one), to heal our own being and subsequently to heal the world. This is exactly the case with the New Testament, for example, in which it is essentially presented and explained that the Christ consciousness state, i.e. a state in which we have a completely open heart and a completely open mind, is the key to the liberation of the world represents. Of course, there are many other levels involved here, but at the core it is about self-empowerment and self-healing. Well, today's Corpus Christi festival represents a festival of gratitude in which, above all, the physical presence of Christ in the world is thanked. It is not just the memory of the Last Supper, but above all the memory of the fact that Christ or the Christ consciousness never disappeared, but is still manifest in the world today and can be activated again at any time within our own all-encompassing field .

The Presence of Christ Consciousness

The Presence of Christ ConsciousnessAs a creator, everyone has the potential to revive this sacred primal energy within themselves and in the current age of awakening this aspect is reaching more and more people. The return of Christ consciousness and the associated complete activation of our entire potential is unstoppable. Just like that, this energy can never disappear. It is a healing instance or a state of consciousness that can be experienced, experienced and manifested again on our part. And that's exactly what this time is about. The complete opening of our hearts, along with the highest flammable image of ourselves, will ultimately completely transform the world. No leader on the outside, no redeemer, but rather we become the leaders over ourselves again and begin to redeem ourselves and consequently the external world from the darkness. Well, today's Corpus Christi festival can remind us of exactly that and should encourage us to keep going and know that we ourselves have the key to healing the world within us. Therefore, let us enjoy the day and continue to fix our minds on the Divine. We are the creators and have everything in our hands. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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