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On the one hand, today's daily energy on July 16, 2018 continues to be shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, which is why a more pronounced health awareness, increased productivity, A sense of duty and our analytical skills can come to the fore. On the other hand, four different star constellations are also taking effect today.

Still influenced by the “Virgo Moon”

Still influenced by the “Virgo Moon”In this context, quite pleasant influences also reach us in this regard. For example, at 02:54 a.m. a trine between the Moon and Saturn came into effect, which could give us a greater sense of responsibility, organizational talent and sense of duty. At 06:35 a.m. we again had a conjunction between the Moon and Venus, through which our emotional life and our need for tenderness can come into their own. This constellation can also promote a more harmonious family life. Ultimately, pleasant influences affect us at the beginning of the day, which could make the start of the day easier. Of course, it should be said again at this point that every morning we have the chance to turn our lives around or, better said, to look at life from a more harmonious state of consciousness. Buddha said this: “Every morning we are born again“. What we do today matters most.” No matter what cosmic or astrological influences may affect us, whether we are in a bad or good mood one morning always depends, at least as a rule, on ourselves. For this reason, we should view the beginning of each day as a new opportunity, which in turn can lead to a more pleasant living situation. Well, the next constellation doesn't reach us until 17:34 p.m., namely a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter, which overall represents a good constellation that can promote social success, a positive attitude to life, generous ventures and material gains.

The carpenter works the wood. The archer bends the bow. The wise man shapes himself. – Buddha..!!

Last but not least, an opposition between the Moon and Neptune will take effect at 22:24 p.m., which could leave us in a dreamy, passive and unbalanced mood. Nevertheless, we should not let this affect us and remember that the direction of our own mind is crucial here too. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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