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Today's daily energy on February 16, 2022 is mainly shaped by the powerful influences of the full moon in the zodiac sign Leo (the full moon reaches its “full” form at 17:55 p.m), the completeness of which is reached in the afternoon, but will of course affect us in a special way throughout the day. It only changes later in the evening, i.e. at 21:41 p.m The moon then moves into the zodiac sign Virgo, i.e. energetically we then move from the element of fire into the element of earth. Nevertheless, the strong energies of the fire sign prevail across the board.

The energy of fire

Fire and wishesAccordingly, today's full moon is accompanied by extraordinarily strong energy. Full moons generally represent completion, perfection, wholeness and abundance. But a full moon in the zodiac sign Leo, i.e. the full moon energy in combination with this powerful fire energy, is always accompanied by strong activations within our own energy system. And since this mighty full moon reaches us in this month of purification, i.e. the month that feels like a large mind-altering portal represents, shows us once again its special effectiveness. Our inner fire wants to be ignited so that we can realize our highest self, i.e. our God Self, more than ever. For the good of our being and above all for the good of the world, for the return of a healed world. When we recognize the greatest creative power within ourselves and, at the same time, develop an understanding of our all-pervasive reality, i.e. that everything takes place within our own mind, that everything is born in our own mind and that we ourselves as a source encompass everything , then this inner transformation can fundamentally change our entire future path in life or raise it to a completely new and, above all, extremely high frequency. A vibrational state that subsequently allows significantly healthier circumstances to manifest externally.

Wish fulfillment and air energy

Wish fulfillment and air energy And since today's Leo full moon is also very much associated with wish fulfillment, a quality that is generally attributed to a full moon in the zodiac sign Leo, along with an increased willingness to manifest, it is more possible than ever to perceive our highest self in order to work on its realization because the realization of our highest self automatically goes hand in hand with the progressive manifestation of luminous desires. Well then, parallel to the Leo full moon, there is also the Aquarius zodiac sign, which, illuminated by the sun, wants to eliminate our own boundaries. In keeping with the current circumstances in the world, a state of being is increasingly emerging that is, like no other, freed from all limitations and inner attachments/burdens. In keeping with this, I am also quoting a section from the page at this point blumoon.de regarding this full moon constellation:

Full moon in Leo – the message

“What happens when the full moon in Leo and the sun in Aquarius are opposite each other? The Sun in Aquarius represents the need for freedom and independence. The Moon in Leo represents self-expression and heart energy. Deep emotions can emerge during the full moon; we are particularly receptive to visions, inner images and dreams. The moon represents the unconscious, our intuition and instincts. The contents of the mind are now made visible by the power of the energy of the lion, everything is given shape, everything is expressed. With the desire that internal processes appear and be appreciated in the external world. The sign Leo represents self-expression and expression, as well as playful creativity that comes from the heart and not the intellect. Because the creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

Ultimately, a special mixture of energy reaches us today, which works in the depths of our being and wants to activate our devotion to our true self. So let's absorb the special energies and celebrate today's full moon day. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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