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Today's daily energy on February 16, 2020 is mainly made up of the lingering influences of yesterday's portal day and especially yesterday's crescent moon and therefore continues to represent growth, our inner center and, above all, harmony, which in turn can be manifested in our lives applies or the one with the golden one decade and is becoming more and more important, because only when we revive a reality that is characterized by harmony can harmony become manifest in the world (everything is based on our inner world, - like inside, so outside - you yourself are the creator)

Energies of the Sagittarius Moon

harmonyOn the other hand, the moon changed to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 05:09 a.m. and brings us new influences. In this context, the Sagittarius zodiac sign also makes us extremely goal-oriented (for example, based on ideas that we would like to implement - realize wishful ideas) and is usually accompanied by a positive or optimistic attitude. In combination with the prevailing energy mixture, we can work more intensively on the manifestation of a reality that is in turn based on harmony and balance. As I said, the current golden decade is drawing us with great speed into a luminous state of consciousness and all shadow-heavy structures on our part, i.e. internal blockages, self-imposed spiritual limits and unfulfilled ideas (i.e. ideas that we would like to realize, but which always stand in the way of realization), become less and less compatible with ourselves and ultimately want to be dissolved.

The most transformative month ever

Well, the second month within the golden decade that saw an incredible transformation (You all know exactly what I'm talking about - the last few days have been extremely stormy and stirred up countless structures within you - the storm Sabine illustrated this transformation), takes us even deeper into this dissolution and the past few days have set a special course in this regard - the acceleration, dissolution, transformation and above all change has been extremely noticeable since these days and the coming manifestation of a reality based on harmony is inevitable! !!!!!!! Ultimately, the current days represent this change in a way that hasn't been the case for a long time - the past few months feel nothing compared to it.

Humanity is awakening

Even the last two days were very stormy and could demand a lot of energy from you. I myself spent the days in togetherness, but was still constantly under pressure and experienced a lot of impressions or lived through very, very long days, which is why my eyes are closing slightly while writing this article. Well, nonetheless, there will definitely be more calm again, which also applies to the weather. It is a very important phase that permanently raises our spiritual awakening to a new level and is of utmost importance for the development of humanity. Great things have already been accomplished this year, mainly an overarching victory of the light, which marked a turning point in the collective awakening process and has since been accompanied by a massive and daily increase in frequency. It is a huge potentiation. So believe me when I tell you that we are currently in the most INCREDIBLE time, these are the toughest weeks ever and no matter how shadowy some circumstances seem, know that not only is everything for your good, but that it is currently THE END LOTS of shade is. The light within ourselves is unstoppable. Entirely in the spirit of the MAXIMUM FULLNESS, which is not only due to each of us, but is becoming more and more tangible (After all, as a creator you are MAXIMUM FULLNESS - the more you maintain this self-image, the more abundance you attract)!!!!! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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