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daily energy

Today's daily energy on December 16, 2021 is mainly shaped by the influences of the second portal day within the current ten-day portal day series. Thus, we are still within the passage of the great ten-day portal and continue to experience the extremely strong energy quality through which our entire cellular environment is flooded with strong frequencies and light pulses. This strong energy quality in particular promotes the healing of all of our DNA strands and not only sets important processes in the background in motion, but we also experience increased self-discovery, i.e we can experience profound spiritual realignments, such as circumstantial realignments and expansions, which in turn are based on healing (By changing the frequency of our mind, we may attract new circumstances or even natural gifts through which we expose all of our cells and all of our DNA to healing).

Healing your cells

The path of ascensionUltimately, this healing of our entire system also represents the overarching circumstance that affects everything within the awakening process or even represents the final goal, i.e. the manifestation of a perfect state. In this context, humanity suffers - while still living out a limited state of consciousness (3D Mind – Trapped in illusion/ignorance/ungodliness – not perceiving oneself as divine), continuously suffering from permanent self-poisoning. This constant poisoning, which in turn is accompanied by aging, illnesses, conflicts, problems and other disharmonious circumstances/conditions, is rooted in a burdened and, above all, limited mental state. The lack of awareness of one's own wholeness, one's own holiness, divinity and countless wisdoms, which in turn carry the frequency of healing within them, and above all the lack of knowledge about the illusory world allow one to live out a spiritual state that conforms to the system, but is consequently burdened. As a result, you experience the continuous decay of your own body. But at the end of the day everything is curable. By returning to our sacred self (the highest self) and the associated awareness of our own creative power, we put ourselves back in a position of maximum self-healing. All of our cells, all of our DNA (Reactivation of all DNA strands) and all of the body's own functionalities can experience maximum healing and wholeness. And in current times, the overarching quality of energy is more focused on healing than ever. It is essentially the best time to bathe your own mind, body and soul system in light/healing.

The coming full moon

daily energyWhile everything on the outside seems to be becoming more and more chaotic, which TRULY only marks the disintegration of the old world, we have the opportunity to expand our spirit in the highest directions. And the current portal day phase can once again lay great foundations and allow us to immerse ourselves deeply in states that are again of a sacred nature. Well, regardless of this, the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Taurus also affects us. And in a few days we will be affected by the powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which will massively boost the quality of the portal day phase. Full moons generally represent abundance and wholeness. And since the winter solstice takes place exactly two days later, followed by Christmas Eve, we are now in for a real energetic fireworks display. Let us therefore welcome the influences and walk through the great portal with mindfulness and love. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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