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Today's daily energy on April 16, 2022 is characterized by an extremely powerful mixture of energy, because on the one hand, a powerful full moon reaches us in the evening in the zodiac sign Libra (at 20:54 p.m. to be precise), which significantly focuses on the manifestation of an inner state based on inner harmony, harmony and general balance. On the other hand, the energy of the holy three days continues to flow into us. This is how the energy of Holy Saturday reaches us, a day that primarily stands for introspection, calm and energetic roots.

Complete calm – Holy Saturday energy

Complete calm - Holy Saturday energyFrom a purely Christian perspective, Holy Saturday goes hand in hand with the rest of the grave. Good Friday represents the suppression and crucifixion of the Christ consciousness. Holy Saturday is intended to commemorate the day on which Christ or the Christ consciousness rested within the grave before it was completely resurrected. Seen in this way, the subjugated Christ consciousness slumbered in the depths of our all-encompassing field before it could be activated again on our part, step by step, until it rose completely and completely illuminated our own spirit (which then refers to Easter Sunday). For this reason, one of the fundamental energy qualities on Holy Saturday is also calm. In this regard, we surrender to inner peace and can perceive the slumbering Christ consciousness in depth. In exactly the same way, we can review our own unmasking process, i.e. our long-term exit from density. For years, sometimes even decades, we have suppressed our own possible holy self-image and in the process indulged in a stressful state of consciousness. Then it happened that we gained an insight behind the scenes of life and were subsequently able to open our own hearts more and more. Our self-image changed and we were able to allow the energy of the divine to flow more and more into our minds. We have actually come a long way in this regard. If you look back on the past few years and compare our current existence with our former existence, then you simply have to realize that our minds have already been able to expand in an incredibly gigantic way. It is simply fascinating how strong this unmasking process has already taken place. We are also on the threshold of the maximum development of our Christ-conscious state. The resurrection, which is shown to us on Easter Day, also happens within us. We are in the midst of our consummation process and the brightest circumstances are about to be bestowed upon us.

HOLY SATURDAYFull Moon in Libra

Well, today's calm energy of Holy Saturday is of course reinforced many times over by the full moon in the zodiac sign Libra. On the other hand, this full moon will bring the relationship with ourselves extremely into the foreground. Balance and harmony would like to arrive and, above all, to completely illuminate our inner space. Only when we heal our relationship with ourselves can we also heal our relationships or connections with other people (or even attract people who are rooted in this healing vibration). After all, we are connected to everything at the deepest level. If the connection to ourselves is not in harmony, then we automatically transfer this inconsistency to our connection outside. Today's Easter full moon in the element of air would like to lead us into our own center in a special way. Let us therefore absorb today's Holy Saturday and full moon energies. Let's heal the relationship with ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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