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For a long time I had planned to report on the daily energetic influences. Ultimately, there is a different energetic vibratory milieu every day. Different energetic influences reach us every day, whereby our state of consciousness is repeatedly fed with the most diverse energies. In this context, the daily energy has a strong effect on our own state of mind and can be responsible for the fact that we are more motivated, more euphoric, more sociable or even more confident overall. On the other hand, a more destructive daily energy can, for example, make us feel more depressed overall, less concentrated, more demotivated or even more argumentative.

Today's daily energy: Power of realization

Today's daily energy: Power of realizationDepending on the zodiac sign/planet constellation, moon phase, portal days, solar influences (flares) or in general the intensity of the current cosmic radiation, the daily influences vary and thus ensure constant changes. The collective state of consciousness or the state of consciousness of every person is very sensitive and always reacts to energetic changes. Now then, as far as today's daily energy is concerned, it is neither destructive in nature nor is it blocking our own minds. Today's daily energy stands much more for the realization of one's own ideas, for active action and intellectual development. We are therefore dealing with a targeted, male power/energy/vibration that has a positive effect on our own prosperity. For this reason, today we can push forward our own ideas more easily than on other days. It's about our own self-realization and creating new living conditions, ideas and actions. Conversely, today's daily energy can also be responsible for reckless behavior - with regard to our own determination. Here it is important to continue to stay centered, ensure constant balance and not get lost in negative thought structures.

With the help of today's daily energy we can create new structures, can advance our own self-realization and maybe even break new ground..!!

We can do a lot today, we can create a lot and, if necessary, even initiate important changes in our own self-realization. For this reason, use the energies of today and create space for something new, for something unique. In this stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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