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With today's daily energy on September 15, 2023, on the one hand, an order-creating new moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Virgo (its full new moon form was already manifest at 03:40 a.m. that night), opposite which the sun is also in the zodiac sign Virgo and on the other side Mercury is going direct again in the zodiac sign Virgo. Ultimately, this creates more upswing again, after all, a total of 7 planets are currently retrograde. Due to this concentrated energy of the retrograde, we are also in a greatly decelerated phase, which means we can reflect on a lot and are generally confronted with circumstances that show us which structures we can bring into balance or which living conditions and structures we should improve .

Mercury goes direct

Mercury goes directMercury, which will now become direct again from today, brings with it a certain acceleration and ensures that we can make much stronger progress in some areas. A better time is beginning again, for example to sign new contracts, make big decisions, implement projects and break new ground. After all, such undertakings during a declining phase carry the risk of bringing chaos. In the direct phase, however, the exact opposite takes place and corresponding ventures are extremely favored. Due to the Virgo zodiac sign, this also offers the perfect opportunity to establish a new life structure. This could start, for example, with a healing treatment. A good time to try out a new remedy or, better yet, to integrate it into your own life. The direct Mercury/Virgo phase is mainly about optimizing and ordering our current life structure. In the coming period, we will be able to establish a healthy life structure much more easily than usual.

New moon in Virgo

New moon in VirgoOn the other hand, the special Virgo/New Moon energy affects us. In general, the focus is on a strong energy of new beginnings, because new moons always bring with them a momentum of the new and encourage us to make new life circumstances manifest. On the other hand, new moon phases are always an opportunity to complete detoxification processes. After all, within a waning moon phase up to the new moon phase, nature and our human organism are designed to remove heavy energies, toxins, acids and other poisons. In the truest sense of the word, you are in an internally declining phase (Clearing out). On the other hand, a concentrated combination of cleansing and structural reorganization reaches us, especially through the associated Virgo energy. As already mentioned, the Virgo zodiac sign is always accompanied by the urge for order, reorganization, structure and health awareness. Because of the new moon and the very present Virgo energy, this new moon will reveal to us completely new possibilities through which we can establish a healthier life structure. And since this is the last new moon before the autumnal equinox, there could also be a review through which we can see to what extent we have already created a healthy life structure in order to fully enter the peace of autumn (and then winter) to be able to immerse yourself. With this in mind, let us welcome today's new moon and immerse ourselves in its energy. A special quality of energy reaches us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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