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Today is finally the day and the 10-day portal day series comes to an end. For this reason, the last portal day of this month reaches us today. With this last portal day, a smaller phase of rest begins again, which in turn will last until September 23rd. Then on September 23rd an extremely rare star constellation (+ other very special cosmic circumstances) will cause a massive energetic high again. Basically, a lot is even predicted for this day, even the end of the world was mentioned several times again. Well, one thing I can assure you, it will certainly not come to that, it is much more a further stage that the collective state of consciousness will reach in the process of spiritual awakening.

The last portal day of this month

The last portal day of this month

Well then, today we have reached the end of this 10-day series of portal days and this end marks the end of a very turbulent phase. As far as I'm personally concerned, I've also experienced this 10-day period as one of the stormiest phases of all. At the beginning of the portal day series, I also gained a very important self-knowledge in this regard. In the days that followed, I felt very weak again, often had severe concentration problems, found it very difficult to sleep/fall asleep, had circulatory problems and sometimes felt overwhelmed. Only towards the end did I feel a little better in this respect and I could breathe a sigh of relief. Ultimately, these state fluctuations were simply related to the extremely high energetic circumstance, a stormy circumstance also caused in part by massive solar flares/solar storms. In this phase, the weather was again tinkered with a great deal. This created 3 powerful hurricanes + a strong earthquake in Mexico, causing a lot of chaos at the end of the day. Towards the end, a so-called autumn storm also reached us in Germany, which in turn brought with it strong gusts of wind and precipitation. All of this happened within these 10 days, which is why this phase can definitely be regarded as one of the stormiest phases in a long time. In my opinion, things will calm down a bit again starting tomorrow. The Portaltag series is over and we don't have anything else to do until September 23rd. Basically, we then have 1 week in which we can recover, 1 week in which we humans can perfectly integrate and process the entire cosmic radiation of the last few days. Only after this week does it really start again.

The energetic system of each person reacts in a completely different way to strong cosmic radiation. While one person feels energetic from these influences, another person may suffer and possibly feel very tired..!!

It remains to be seen whether we will then reach an even more turbulent phase, it would definitely be conceivable due to the cosmic event. But we shouldn't worry about that just yet, much more should continue to focus on the present moment and make the best of our current circumstance. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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