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daily energy

Today's daily energy on October 15th. 2017 represents our own urge for movement and is therefore in a certain way an expression of the power of movement. For this reason, today's daily energy also represents our own motivation, our own urge to finally realize projects that we may have been putting off for a long time. It is therefore also about our own entrenched life patterns, rigid/sustainable ones Habits and structures that are now changing.

Structures in transition

Structures in transitionIn this regard, there are currently a lot of structures in general changing, which simply has to do with the extremely great progress in the process of spiritual awakening. In this process, we humans automatically adjust our own vibration frequency (each person is an expression of his or her own state of consciousness - consciousness in turn vibrates at an individual frequency) to that of the earth, which encourages us to have more space for positive thoughts and emotions to accomplish. In this regard, our Earth increases its own vibration frequency due to very special cosmic circumstances and we simply go along with this increase in vibration. For this reason, this process also means that we humans are once again confronted with our own shadow parts (fears, traumas, negative behaviors, negative thoughts and emotions, karmic entanglements, stressful habits, etc.) and are therefore indirectly asked to deal with them to deal with these, to look at them, in order to be able to initiate things that transform/redeem these shadow parts. We humans simply cannot become completely free, cannot completely bathe in the flow of life, if we allow ourselves to be mentally dominated again and again by our own problems and fears. In the same way, we cannot create a completely positive mental state if we keep ourselves trapped in rigid life patterns every day. For this reason, it is again important to initiate movement and change in your own life in order to be able to change your own stuck or sustainable structures.

Movement and change are two fundamental principles of life, two aspects that are, firstly, important for our own spiritual prosperity and secondly, promote our own spiritual development, at least when we follow these principles..!!

For this reason, use today's daily energy and bring a little new momentum into your lives. Initiate change, move, go into nature and connect with the fundamental principles of life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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