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Today's daily energy on November 15th, 2017 is accompanied by another portal day, to be precise this is the fourth portal day this month (two more will follow on November 2rd and 23th). For this reason, we can definitely prepare for an energetically strong day today and can also assume that that this portal day and the associated high cosmic influences will set a lot of things in motion.

Special energetic influences

portal dayIn this context, portal days always serve our own mental and emotional development and can ensure a real frequency adjustment due to the high incoming frequencies, i.e. we humans deal with our own shadow parts again, with our own fears, negative habits, compulsions, sustainable behavior + Structures apart and as a result we become even more aware of what is and is not beneficial for our own prosperity, and then recognize our own self-imposed mental blockages + inconsistencies in a special way. Ultimately, these high incoming frequencies and the associated frequency adjustment are also about our own self-realization, which can only be initiated again if we humans accept ourselves again and, above all, love ourselves. Otherwise, we repeatedly block the development of our own mental abilities and remain in a low-frequency state of consciousness. As a result, we would largely only attract things into our own lives that would in turn be associated with the low frequency of our own state of consciousness (law of resonance - we attract into our lives what we are and what we radiate).

Portal days are days predicted by the Maya when increased cosmic radiation reaches us. Due to the high incoming frequencies, which in turn are a result of very special cosmic circumstances (keyword: galactic pulse beat||26.000 year cycle), a comprehensive cleansing process takes place, which is responsible for us humans gradually returning to a harmonious state /balanced state of consciousness..!!

For this reason, portal days, or rather the generally current high vibrational state, also acts as a kind of cleansing process, i.e. a process that floods our state of consciousness with light/high frequencies and thereby flushes all shadows/low-frequency aspects into our daytime consciousness. Well, since this cleaning process has been in full swing for some time now, we should definitely take an active part in this process again and support the cleaning process with all our might. At the end of the day, we will be strengthened by the power of our self-love and self-acceptance and will be able to realize ourselves more easily than ever. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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