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Today's daily energy on May 15, 2019 continues to be characterized by an extremely strong basic energetic quality and consequently flushes up within us everything that has been impeding our own self-realization for some time ways and on the other hand is based on old self-created structures. Our personal development is now taking great strides and we can experience an incredible transformation, both mentally, emotionally and physically.

Strong solar influences reached us

In this context, we also experienced stronger solar influences yesterday, as can be seen in the diagram. For this reason, the day was all about cleansing, because stronger sunlight in particular flushes out our entire mind/body/spirit system. All of our cells are flooded with high-frequency particles and, as a result, reveal unresolved energetic attachments. Ultimately, one could also speak of heavy energies, which in turn are released and leave our system to create a more harmonious inner space. The day could therefore be perceived as very intense. The situation will be similar today and the lasting influences will be noticeable (especially since it is even likely that stronger solar winds will continue to reach us, at least that is what the diagram suggests). After all, due to the influence of the sun, the earth's magnetic field was/is weakened and, apart from the sun's rays, increased cosmic rays can also enter our system.

The false, unhappy self, grounded in identification with the mind, thrives on time. It knows full well that the present moment means its own death and naturally feels threatened by it. It will do anything to get you out of it. It will try to trap you in time. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Ultimately, these days are highly transformative and incredibly important for our own further development. Well, for this reason it is now advisable to be even more careful when dealing with yourself. Observe yourself, pay attention to your own center and recognize all of your self-created blockages. We are about to achieve great things and free ourselves from all attachments, which in turn have their origin in our minds. As I said, everything arises from ourselves. We are the source itself, the supreme authority and should begin to bring our reality into harmony. The potential for this is constantly present. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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