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Today's daily energy on June 15, 2018 is still mainly shaped by the influences of the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Cancer yesterday and has since given us influences through relaxation and the development of our own soul powers is favored. This could also put the development of the pleasant aspects of life in the foreground.

As before, the development of our soul powers

daily energyIn doing so, we could create various circumstances that promote the development of our own soul powers. As far as I'm concerned, I cleared out various rooms yesterday, for example. One larger closet in particular was full of old stuff that I had accumulated over the years, which I was confronted with every day. Since ultimately everything is vibration or energy, one could also speak of “old energies”, which in turn had a low-frequency influence on my consciousness. The chaos, which in turn was a product of my own mind, was kept in front of me again and again and therefore indirectly disturbed my own inner balance. Ultimately, there are many such seemingly minor/unfinished matters that continually reach our own daily consciousness and prevail as unredeemed energies in our minds. The energy wants to be released and flow again instead of remaining as a blockage in your own mind. Every day or whenever I opened the corresponding cupboard, I became aware of the chaos and I knew that it was important to clean up this situation. Well, yesterday I spontaneously cleared out the entire closet, which ultimately felt like a small liberation. The old energy or the thought of chaos could be released and has now been replaced by the new thought of a cleared out and clean closet. At the end of the day, this is also an opportunity to increase the frequency of our rooms. As far as this is concerned, every room has a completely individual frequency, which in turn can be increased or even decreased (I will write a detailed article about this one day - keywords: increasing the frequency of rooms - Feng Shui - orgonites). Well, in any case, I now feel much more comfortable and have been able to promote the development of my own soul powers. Aside from the Cancer Moon, four other constellations also affect us, as mentioned in the above section. So we reached three different constellations early in the morning and in the morning.

Thinking is the basis of everything. It is important that we catch each of our thoughts with the eye of mindfulness. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

At the beginning at 05:32 a square between Venus and Uranus, which is firstly effective for two days and secondly can give us a headstrong, fickle, moody and sensitive mind. At 08:09 a.m. we again reached a trine between the Moon and Jupiter, which represents social success and material gains. This constellation could also give us a positive attitude to life, which is why it “bites” with the previous constellation. At 11:38 a.m. another trine took effect between the Moon and Neptune, giving us an impressive mind, a strong imagination, good empathy and a lively fantasy life.

In order to experience Nirvana, you don't need to remove yourself from this world, because what is there is already Nirvana - in the here and now. – Alan Watts..!!

Last but not least, a disharmonious constellation, namely an opposition between the Moon and Pluto, becomes active at 18:18 p.m., which represents a one-sided and extreme emotional life. Anyone who is not mindful or generally has a very negative mental orientation at the moment could therefore, at least at this time, be subject to severe inhibitions and a feeling of depression. Nevertheless, it should be said that the influences of the Cancer Moon predominate, which is why we should create or experience circumstances that promote peace and soul strength. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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