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Today's daily energy on July 15, 2020 continues to be shaped by the extremely POWERFUL influences of the portal day phase and, as a result, still gives us, as in the past three days, a phase in which we can not only realize ourselves very strongly - especially related to our highest spirit of God (Entry, maintenance and manifestation of the highest self-image – The puzzle fits - one is inevitably drawn into high states - even resistance experiences a strong resolution), but we also experience a very strong clarification of inner conflicts and shadows (which in turn creates more space for lighter energies - a process that purges the collective consciousness).

The THIRD portal day

PHASE of HAPPINESSThis phase also goes hand in hand with an unbelievable upswing and is associated with experienceable luck, abundance and special fortunes (also the summer – harvesting your own seeds – ripening) even if the portal day phase can paradoxically also be felt as exhausting. In this context, the past few days have been very clarifying for me personally, for example, shaped by happiness and special moments of abundance (In yesterday's daily energy article, I also reported that I was given a seven-day fortune cookie pack, which opened on the first day of the portal). Nevertheless, I am constantly accompanied by a feeling of being drained, which is difficult to describe. You feel inside how EXTREMELY intense the current energy is and how many heavy energies are released from your own system, i.e. the days can feel very difficult in this regard, but on the other hand you experience special self-knowledge and moments of maximum abundance. It is therefore a meeting of two worlds that merge and let us feel like we are living through everything.

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Nevertheless, apart from this demanding energy, a lot of happiness in life, progress, realization and providence are in the foreground. At this point I also quote a section from the page esistallesda.de (Rebuilding Begins – Recommend the entire article – linked earlier), in which this luck or a current turning point is described: 

"Dear ones, as of today, what was is no more. Maybe you get angry about topics & problems that don't seem to have any solutions - COVID-19, politics, finance, isms etc.

Today is the turning point.

Although you have probably felt some of the changes & shifts that are now creating (uncovering) your New Earth, you were afraid that the destruction you have experienced in this life simply by being on Earth would never end or would never be undone. That the worry (fear & distress) and chaos would last forever and ever despite contrary messages from the universes. This is to be expected, as your experiences in this and previous lifetimes have caused or conditioned you to expect the worst - even in the best of times. And that period of destruction wasn't the best of times. In truth, fear and anger reigned. Brother against brother. mother versus child. With few tokens of love and joy.

So you are pleasantly surprised to be here and to perceive and feel the indicators of the NEW Earth. Maybe it's a golden sunset or a kind word from an employee. Or maybe a reward you've long hoped for... but thought impossible. You begin to perceive a world of crystal glasses... half full instead of half empty! You hope that this state of bliss compared to your almost infinite 3D despair is not an accident but will bring a never-ending life of joy for you and all who wish to experience it. This is your new reality. These small benefits and perks of joy and bliss will expand and multiply. Because you have crossed another Rubicon*. Past river crossings have mostly been inward (out)ward. And now it's time to extend that knowledge, that joy, to the world outside. And you did that by being YOURSELF.”

Ultimately, it also feels like we are in a strong phase of happiness and the portal days are taking our own journey to a whole new level. Ultimately, the inevitable is now somehow crystallizing out, because at least we must not forget that our inner development, including all deprivation and sacrifice (especially related to the process of spiritual awakening - For years we have all stood up for the truth, committed ourselves to a free world, worked hard on ourselves and always tried to drive change) pays off.


Our light is getting stronger and that goes hand in hand with even more light/abundance on the outside. We are all, therefore, yet to experience powerful moments of happiness and abundance, simply as this is an irreversible consequence of our inner awakening process. Abundance attracts more abundance, light attracts more light, love attracts more love. If we continue to focus our mental state or our self-image on these aspects, then we will massively potentiate these aspects, i.e. our lives will be flooded with happiness. Energy always follows our own attention and the current portal day phase is perfect for us to shift our own focus and thereby recognize/accept our own inner light. This recognition alone, which goes hand in hand with a changed self-image, can make completely new circumstances manifest on the outside. As I said, YOU YOURSELF ARE THE CREATOR, never forget that. You also act like a strong magnet and can attract everything in life. When one's self-image is aligned/aligned with abundance (because one feels inner abundance, truth, love - self-love and light), when one directs one's own attention to abundance instead of lack and when we see ourselves again as divine authority (the source itself) then truly miracles happen. So let's use the current highly potent energy and immerse ourselves in our own inner abundance. One SELF is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is one SELF. MAXIMUM FULLNESS! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂