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Today's daily energy on July 15, 2019 is mainly characterized by the strong influence of the moon, because tomorrow, as has already been announced several times, a partial lunar eclipse will reach us. For this reason, the preliminary influences of tomorrow's “event” will reach us today, because the energy associated with it will be enormous, as was the case with the total solar eclipse on July 02nd.

The second darkness

Well, basically, corresponding cosmic events always have an impact in the previous and subsequent days, but this time it will be very special. After all, the total solar eclipse was already accompanied by incredible energy and was able to literally blow us away and the solar eclipse completely flooded our entire system (Even the days that followed felt very special - and things haven't slowed down since). For this reason, things will get really intense tomorrow and special self-knowledges, special frequency & sensation states as well as special clearing circumstances will take place 100%, yes, basically we can even expect a transformative circumstance, along with a huge magnitude, to match that most transformative month ever. The partial lunar eclipse also represents very special energetic circumstances. The moon, i.e. the embodiment of the feminine energy, is partially obscured until the full moon/the full energy becomes visible/manifest again. On the other hand, the darkness also represents hidden parts of us, i.e. parts that are, for example, still unredeemed and would ultimately like to be cleaned up on our part.

In his own soul man carries the seeds from which he draws all his joy and all his sorrow. – Sophocles..!!

Ultimately, this also plays a very important role, because our inner struggles and all the destructive programs that come with them (which in turn significantly shape our reality) want to be changed. And especially in these months, in which various 5D programs have not only been installed in the background and will continue to be installed, an unexpected abundance is emerging - is about to become manifest in our hearts. At the end of the day, this is also the key to creating abundance, it all starts within us. Only when we sense a feeling of fullness within ourselves and let it predominantly come to life, will the more fullness continue to be attracted/created throughout. Today and tomorrow's partial lunar eclipse will represent the energetic highlight of this month and will open new doors for us through which we will in turn immerse ourselves in this fundamental feeling of fullness. We have very special days ahead of us. With that in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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