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Today's daily energy on July 15, 2018 is characterized on the one hand by two different star constellations and on the other hand by a change of moon. On the other hand, we also have the lingering influences of the partial solar eclipse, which took place on July 13th and are quite valuable to us brought influences. Nevertheless, the general lunar influences in particular will predominate.

Moon moves into the zodiac sign Virgo

Moon moves into the zodiac sign VirgoIn this regard, the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo can also make us analytical and critical. Due to the “Virgo Moon”, we could also be in a significantly more productive and health-conscious mood than usual, which ultimately only benefits us. In this context, a more pronounced health awareness or the associated implementation of a much more natural or, better yet, a much less stressful living environment can be quite inspiring. In this regard, in today's world we generally expose our own mind/body/spirit system to constant stress. These don't even have to be various internal conflicts, but rather everyday, sustainable living conditions, which are overall the result of a lifestyle that is too careless. Of course, a corresponding lifestyle can also be the result of internal conflicts (possibly escape behavior), but countless other factors also come into play. Ultimately, the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo benefits us in this respect and the manifestation of a more natural lifestyle is favored. On the other hand, due to the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, our work or projects and fulfillment of duties are also in the foreground. We could therefore work much more easily on the manifestation of various projects and tackle matters that we may have been putting off for some time.

Among the ideals that can raise a person above himself and his environment, the elimination of worldly desires, the elimination of indolence and sleepiness, vanity and contempt, the overcoming of anxiety and restlessness and the renunciation of ill wishes are among the most essential. – Buddha..!!

Well, apart from that, as already mentioned, two different star constellations also become active or one of them was already active at 01:11 a.m., namely a conjunction between the Moon and Mercury, which overall represented a good starting point and basis for all business can represent. The next constellation will only come into effect at 23:20 p.m. and will be a trine between the Moon and Uranus, which at this time can give us greater attention, persuasiveness, ambition and also an original spirit. Nevertheless, it should be said that today the influences of the “Virgo Moon”, especially in the evening, i.e. when the moon changes into the zodiac sign, will have a main influence on us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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