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Today's daily energy is mainly characterized by a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius (Complete at 14:32 p.m). The signs and energetic influences are clearly designed for freedom, because the Aquarius zodiac sign in particular triggers us an unexpectedly strong urge for freedom. And since full moons always represent abundance, completion and closure, we can use its energies to break through all of our self-imposed shackles/limits, because everything is under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius

In this context, a corresponding freedom also refers to all living conditions and thus to our spirit (our current life is a product of our mind → We experience what we are and what we radiate - we create everything from our mind). Our reality is born within our mind and continuously. As origin/creators ourselves, we are therefore responsible for whether we feel a corresponding freedom within ourselves or not (Ultimately, freedom goes hand in hand with a state of consciousness in which the feeling of freedom is manifest). And this is where all self-imposed blockages come into play (as already explained in yesterday's daily energy article). The more blockages we ourselves are subject to, the more limiting/destructive beliefs are manifest in our minds, the less we can imagine (Limitation - I can't imagine that, - that doesn't exist - But everything exists - maximum fullness/EVERYTHING → And everything was created by ourselves, - you yourself are the cause of everything, - as the origin itself), the less free our current reality feels.

Be the energy you want to experience - you attract what you are, what you radiate, what you feel deep within you, every day and across the board..!!

The Aquarius full moon brings us incredibly liberating energy today and can help us align our own minds with freedom. In this regard, it is even a topic that will have a tremendous impact on us, especially since in the current phase of ever-increasing collective awakening we are facing a corresponding circumstance characterized by freedom and independence → 5D, move there. Ultimately, we can look within ourselves today and ask ourselves the question through which inner attitudes and daily actions we rob ourselves of our own freedom/independence. A powerful change can then be initiated. If not now then when? A special day when the full moon is present in the zodiac sign Aquarius! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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