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Today's daily energy stands for the exchange and balancing of energies. For this reason, today we should also ensure an inner balance and deal with our own dark side or face it instead of fleeing from it. In this context, this flight is also a big problem. So many people (myself included) often suppress their own problems, do not manage to break out of their self-created vicious circles and consequently do not face their fears.

Exchange and balancing of energies

Exchange and balancing of energiesOne literally flees from one's own problems, finds it difficult to accept one's own shadow parts, one's own self-created karmic ballast, and thus continues to maintain one's own dark parts. You then run away from your own darkness as a result, instead of loving yourself in your own darkness, instead of loving, accepting the darkness. Of course, it is often not easy for us to take this one big step and look at our own shadow parts again, face our own fear and then give it to transformation/redemption. Ultimately, it is also what is meant to happen that brings clarity back, gives us a sense of freedom, and reprograms/cleanses our own subconscious. In this respect, our own shadow parts would like to be redeemed by ourselves, would like to be changed again and led into the light. But if we suppress our own problems over and over again and don't face them, then this process cannot be continued, then we keep falling by the wayside and deny ourselves the development of our full potential. We can then not really realize ourselves and as a result let ourselves be dominated over and over again by our own shadow parts. Ultimately, however, we humans should be the masters of our own feelings and thoughts instead of being subject to them. Of course, as already mentioned, it is often not easy to dare to take this step, I know it all too well from myself. But that's exactly how I now know very well the consequences of suppressing one's own shadow parts and this suppression always results in suffering in the end, leads to an expansion of one's own predicament.

By suppressing/ignoring our own problems, our own shadow parts, we do not manage to improve our own circumstances, but always make our own situation worse..!!

For this reason, today we should also look a little deeper into our own innermost being and, if necessary, start with the transformation of our own shadow parts. Basically, we can also do this on a day-to-day basis. We shouldn't overdo it too much, but start again in small steps. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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