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Today's daily energy on October 14, 2019 is mainly due to the lingering influences of yesterday's full moon (in the sign of Pisces) and the portal day, because on the one hand there are corresponding influences, especially full and new moon influences, always after and on the other hand the day was huge or extremely intense in terms of influences.

The pull of yesterday's full moon

The pull of yesterday's full moonApart from the fact that the day was experienced as very consciousness-expanding and stimulating, - for example, in the evening I had an interesting or rather system-questioning conversation with my girlfriend and a good friend (it turned out that way intuitively), the day and the influences that accompanied it were very tiring, at least that was how I felt (contrary to the sign of Aries). So I was generally in a very relaxed and tired mood throughout the day, i.e. I gave myself a lot of rest, mainly relaxed and was sucked into corresponding states (like it hasn't been the case for a long time). At times it was really crazy, because I rarely experience such a strong pull into sleepy states and even though my head was somehow in an active mood, it was difficult to describe, so it was a mix of both (Incidentally, the night was also accompanied by extremely strong and formative dreams, although this is currently the case very often - many of you will certainly experience this - due to the permanent increase in frequency).

New and full moons in particular always exert an extremely strong pull on the collective state of consciousness and can allow us to sense our own state of being in a special way. And since the collective basic frequency is getting stronger day by day, corresponding events are having an ever greater impact on us, i.e. everything is becoming more intense and transformative..!!

Well, ultimately yesterday's full moon & portal day was tough and led us into completely different states. At the end of the day, the full moon completed all of our processes, which in turn had been cleaned up in the past few weeks, i.e. since the new moon (the dissolution of old structures and habits - circumstances that lie beyond our comfort zone) and therefore represented an important event. Well, today we will feel the lasting influences and certainly experience unique moments. In the evening the moon changes (at 18: 22 clock) then also into the zodiac sign Taurus, which in turn manifests completely new influences (persistent behavior, security, sociability, peace, family & enjoyment) and other impulses reach us. So let’s see what today has in store for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 


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