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Today's daily energy on October 14, 2017 is again subject to strong energetic fluctuations, which ultimately is certainly not the result of chance due to the forthcoming series of portal days. In this context, today serves us as a kind of preparation for the upcoming portal day series and announces a beginning increase in the planetary oscillation frequency or the beginning of increased cosmic radiation.

Strong energetic fluctuations

Strong energetic fluctuationsAs far as this is concerned, in 2 days, i.e. on October 16th, we will have another portal day series that will ultimately last a full 10 days. The most recent such series occurred just last month and brought with it a very stormy energetic environment. In the last series of portal days (September 06th - 15th) various electromagnetic storms reached us and in general there was a certain amount of unrest on our planet at this time. During this phase, our weather was once again extremely tinkered with using Haarp and other perfidious methods, which subsequently resulted in a serious earthquake in Mexico + 3 tropical storms. In this context, the weather is specifically manipulated, especially on days when increased cosmic radiation reaches us. Firstly, our own focus should be shifted from what is important, secondly, our consciousness should be clouded by the bad weather fronts (rainy days, on which the entire sky is covered with a gray carpet of clouds, are simply more likely to cause depressive moods) and thirdly, the recording of the high frequencies are greatly reduced. Ultimately, people are trying with all their might to stop the current quantum leap into awakening. The elites try out all methods to limit or even prevent the collective awakening. Nevertheless, these are only pitiful attempts that only delay our spiritual awakening. The cosmic change, the further development of the collective state of consciousness or the spread of the truth about our origin + the world is simply unstoppable and the golden age will definitely come, there is no doubt about it. The awakening process simply cannot be prevented anymore because it is basically already in full swing and has simply reached too many people.

The newly begun cosmic cycle + the resulting further development of the collective state of consciousness cannot be prevented, only delayed..!!

Nevertheless, we will always reach phases in which the elite families use all their might to create chaos on our planet, in whatever form this chaos takes (weather manipulation, false flag terrorist attacks, etc.). For this reason, we can also assume that something bigger will happen to us in the next few weeks, most likely even in the upcoming portal day series. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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