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Today's daily energy on March 14, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of a solar storm that will hit the earth today and will not only have a strong influence on the earth's magnetic field, but will also trigger countless important healing effects in the collective spirit . Appropriately, the waxing moon is also in the zodiac sign Leo (The moon moved into Leo last night at 20:29 p.m), i.e. the moon is currently in the element of fire, which couldn't be more appropriate.

The effects of coronal mass ejection

solar stormNevertheless, we will mainly feel the influence of the heavy solar winds. So we can also see on the linked image of the “SPACE WEATHER PREDICTION CENTER“We can already see the stronger fluctuations, which in turn illustrate the impending intensity of the incoming solar winds. Ultimately, we reach us shortly before the coming astrological (true) Beginning of the year, the special day, associated with the spring equinox, once again truly very strong influences that have a huge influence on the structure of the collective consciousness. On the one hand, the earth's magnetic field is weakened or, more precisely, caused to waver by a correspondingly strong solar influence. As a result, significantly more cosmic energies generally flow into the earth, which has a strong impact on our entire energy system. Furthermore, the high-energy light of the sun directly floods our entire cellular environment, because the strong solar radiation now reaches our entire mind, body and soul system in a concentrated form. This means that a deep cleansing or, better said, even a deep irradiation takes place, i.e. our energy field is illuminated very strongly, which can subsequently release many traumas, open emotional wounds and heavy energies. On the other hand, there is also often talk of light coding or even updates that will reach us in the appropriate days. Well, the sun itself as consciousness or as a living/intelligent spirit provides us with corresponding influences for a reason, but rather gives us solar winds to heal our inner connection.

The divine potential

The divine potentialThe world (our inner world) is rising more and more. Our spirit rises from the depths of its previous density and desires to reconnect with the sacred. More than ever, the focus is on our self-empowerment, along with becoming aware of our divine potential. More than ever, we should free ourselves from our self-imposed chains. More than ever, the focus is on overcoming all of our inner barriers, i.e. we should be able to heal ourselves again (love), which enables us to wrap the external world in healing (How can the world become whole if you yourself are not whole/holy? – inner world = outer world, there is no separation – a universal basic law). As I said, matter always adapts to our inner world and the entire existence is an expression of our inner state. Everything, truly EVERYTHING, is embedded in our own all-encompassing reality. The higher the frequency of our own reality becomes, one could also say, the more light/pure/holy the worlds are (Vorstellungen) that we travel through every day, the more we resonate with corresponding energies. Anyone who allows a holy self-image to become manifest will not only experience/attract more circumstances on the outside, which in turn are based on holiness, but will also simultaneously experience how the world gradually adapts to this special energy quality. And today's solar winds can once again lay special foundations for the manifestation of a correspondingly highly elevated self-image (The law of resonance is based primarily on the image you create of yourself every day - therefore, the more positive/abundant you perceive/feel/experience yourself, the more abundance you will attract), because they provide our energy system with an incredibly cleansing but also valuable energy quality. Well, last but not least, I would like to conclude with a section from the page about the solar storm news.de quote, in which today's solar winds are taken up in detail:

“The next solar storm was announced shortly afterwards. A long-lasting solar flare near sunspot AR2962 hurled a full-halo CME toward Earth. According to initial calculations, the solar plasma should crash into Earth on March 13, 2022 and trigger a solar storm. The warning has now been updated. Accordingly, the solar plasma is expected to collide with the Earth on March 14.03.2022, 80 and trigger a solar storm. NOAA warns that a severe solar storm has an 2 percent chance of hitting Earth on Monday. As “spaceweather.com” reports, a geomagnetic storm of class GXNUMX is possible. Blackouts are threatened from THIS solar storm warning level.

According to space weather physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov said the solar storm poses a triple threat to Earth. “Solar Storm and Aurora 5-Day Outlook: A Busy Week with a Triple Threat! A major #solarstorm is coming, sandwiched between a glancing blow from a previous #solarstorm and a fast #solarwind.”

With this in mind, let the special solar energies affect you today and see to what extent your consciousness changes accordingly. Be careful and observe today's signs and messages. A lot wants to show itself to us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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