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Full moon

Today's daily energy on June 14, 2022 is mainly shaped by the energies of a very powerful full moon, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and thus allows its strong fire energy to affect us (The full moon reaches us at 13:51 p.m). At the same time, the entire fire and especially the general fulfilling/completing full moon energy is strengthened, because today's full moon represents a supermoon, i.e. the moon itself is located is at the point closest to the Earth, which means that it appears significantly larger in terms of overall volume, but also appears up to 30% brighter.

Supermoon energies

Full moonBecause of this, its influence is significantly stronger and more profound than a conventional full moon. The mere fact that the full moon seems significantly stronger shows us how strongly the full moon illuminates us and addresses our core energy system. Our system is examined and deep-seated traumas can be strongly addressed or resolved. On the other hand, the supermoon comes with the general aspect of completion. Full moons fundamentally represent completion, perfection, wholeness and abundance. Through the supermoon, these aspects are particularly highlighted and the completion of your own processes or projects is greatly encouraged. It is exactly the same with the inner feeling of a state in which we perceive ourselves as complete. Ultimately, there is no separation in this regard and we ourselves carry the entire creation within us. Be it the external world, nature, wildlife or even the collective, all aspects and circumstances are embedded within our own field. We ourselves therefore represent the whole. We are the entire existence or the source ourselves and, if we let this perfect image of ourselves come to life, we can see and consequently attract a gigantic abundance on the outside. Well, the supermoon stands for wholeness and maximum abundance like no other moon.

Fire energy – manifestation and

Full moon On the other hand, the associated Sagittarius or fire sign has an extremely activating effect and opens up access to the manifestation of new things in us. This is how our inner fire is triggered and made to blaze. Instead of us being unable to act and unable to be productive or creative, we should go out into the world and realize ourselves. Ultimately, this aspect is fundamentally important within the collective awakening process. So we should always keep ourselves small and remain in an inactive state. Because of this, our main focus should always be on the fact that there are leaders on the outside who free us and therefore walk the path of change for us, i.e. we sit back and let the others move forward, we don't need to implement anything, someone else will take over that for us. But this is exactly what is a big fallacy, because the main thing is that we revive leadership over ourselves, that we become the masters of our own incarnation.

Jupiter energy and veil solution

If we learn to lead ourselves by manifesting a state of maximum independence and freedom and thereby living our inner fire, then we ourselves represent the authority that encourages the entire world to wake up, act and, above all, change emotional. Never forget that your own inner state is always transferred to the outer world. When we awaken ourselves, the world awakens. And when we take action ourselves, we automatically encourage the collective to take action. Today's supermoon in the fire sign truly has the potential to strongly activate our inner fire. On the other hand, this quality is favored by Jupiter, because Jupiter belongs to the sign of Sagittarius and in this respect stands for happiness, freedom and independence. On the other hand, today's Full Moon in Sagittarius is in conjunction with Neptune, which means it is also about freeing yourself from self-imposed veils, deceptions and illusions. Nevertheless, at the core, our focus is of course on our perfection and above all on our inner fire, which, as already mentioned, wants to be activated. Well then, let's absorb the energies of today's supermoon and, above all, feel the quality of fire. An incredible and, above all, changing quality of the moon is reaching us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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