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On the one hand, today's daily energy on June 14, 2019 is still characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which continues to create a very charged atmosphere, accompanied by intense impulses based on passion and self-overcoming can be in the foreground. On the other hand, yesterday we received another very strong impulse or an anomaly regarding the planetary resonance frequency, which lasted for almost eight hours and was able to flush out a lot in us.

Yesterday we received a very strong impulse

Yesterday we received a very strong impulseWell, in the past few days and weeks we have been constantly receiving strong planetary resonance frequency influences, but yesterday's impulse went away, as can be seen in the picture below (Source: Russian Space Observing Center), with an extraordinary intensity. The day could therefore be accompanied by very special states of consciousness and also allow us to feel our origins much more strongly or even show us ways in which we can return to our origins based on abundance. I also felt incredible magic within myself and experienced extreme states of fullness. On the other hand, at the same time, I was also confronted with a special topic on the outside, namely “opening the heart” or the merging of male and female parts. In this context, this is a topic that is also very much in the foreground at the current time, because the return to consciousness, or rather the awareness of our origins, also goes hand in hand with a balance of both energies. At the core, apart from our pure primal energy, we all have male/analytical and female/intuitive parts. Planetary resonance frequencyMost people experience a strong expression of a share/energy. But the current quality of energy, which in turn flushes through our entire mind/body/soul system, simply ensures that both parts are balanced, i.e. we reach our center (come into harmony) and create a natural/original balance of both parts. We use our sensitive/receiving/intuitive parts, but also our impulse-setting/giving/analytical parts. And this union/merging of both parts is currently very much in the foreground, the same also applies to an accompanying opening of the heart, because our mind had the upper hand for a long time and our heart energy could hardly flow. This game is currently completely reversed and we are fully entering our heart energy again, along with maximum abundance and love. Today's strong energy quality will certainly benefit us greatly in this regard and will lead us deeper into our own heart energy, there is a lot of evidence to suggest this. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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