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Today's daily energy on July 14, 2019 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of the past two highly intense portal days and on the other hand by the preliminary influences of the upcoming lunar eclipse (Full moon in two days - i.e. on July 16th). For this reason, we are still in a very strong frequency wave, which can still have a strong influence on the course of our lives.

The lingering portal influences

The lingering portal influencesA leveling off is therefore in no way in sight, on the contrary, it will become more intense from day to day and the coming lunar eclipse will be another highlight this month. Whether it will be quieter afterwards is questionable, perhaps more calming, but energetically Circumstances will continue to be of a very strong nature, as has been the case since the total solar eclipse (2 July) the case is (apart from the fact that the days before and after a corresponding event, whether full moon/new moon, portal days or other events, are always accompanied by strong inflows) . Ultimately, it is a very special month, especially because of the two eclipses (Darkness - then light) symbolically for experiencing, but also coping with, the darkness (shadowy living conditions, destructive beliefs/programs, etc.) stands. And something great can emerge from this, in the spirit of the most magical summer ever, in the spirit of maximum abundance - which is now becoming more and more manifest for many people (or can be manifested/experienced).

This is one of the secrets of life: to heal the soul through the senses and the senses through the soul. – Oscar Wilde..!!

Well, the last two days felt like the most intense but also most revealing days of the year and I'm very excited to see how the coming days, especially Tuesday (Lunar eclipse) will then feel. Either way, something special is happening and we can look forward to the coming days with excitement. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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