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Today's daily energy on January 14th, 2022 continues the energetically very rapid and, above all, extremely accelerated month of January and accordingly guides us even deeper into our own truthfulness or rather into a state in which we are asked to do so from our maximum truthfulness to act out. For this reason, more than ever before Developing our highest self-image based on divinity/holiness at the forefront. The world is rising and humanity should also achieve its inner ascension. In this revealing year of 2022, this circumstance will have a very strong impact.

The activation of our hearts

The activation of our heartsAll circumstances and conditions or unfulfilling, deficient, blocking and limiting patterns on our part should be resolved. At the same time, we should step into our own heart power just as much. Our heart, from which the strongest energy field ever arises, is also the key to the perfect development of our own light body. In particular, the highest form of energy that can be experienced and, above all, healing, namely the pure power of unconditional love, is the main factor for the maximum expansion of our hearts. Ultimately, we are trying with all our might to focus our attention on the ailing system and its actors and their fear-inducing messages. We should have resentment towards our fellow human beings or those fellow human beings who in turn take a completely different path in life than ours, people who pursue a completely different world view. Whether it is a waking worldview or even a sleeping worldview, we are to allow our own minds to be divided and darkness to reign over our hearts. So ask yourself, who or what do you still hold grudge against? When are you unable to love yourself and/or others unconditionally? “He who loves his enemies has no enemies!” It is becoming more and more essential that we adapt to the high current vibration and allow love into our hearts instead of constantly focusing on darkness, as difficult as that may sometimes be, but it is what creates unconditional love for ourselves and the world our light body finally and as a result heals our system and consequently the world (Only when we heal ourselves do we heal the world. Only those who have love in their heart can also treat others with love).

Large measurement failures & powerful energies

Well and as I said, the current very strong energy can, at its core, open our hearts in a very profound way, at least that is the case if we surrender to this special energy circumstance and consciously allow the prevailing energy quality to enter our systems instead of that we continually allow ourselves to be drawn into the maelstrom of appearances. After all, on an energetic level things are also very hot in this regard. For example, solar winds and general anomalies within the overall resonance frequency have been increasingly noticed in the last few days. For example, several technical failures or even black shifts were registered by the Russian Space Observing Center in Tomsk.

Energetic anomalies

“The black line on the Schumann Resonance Diagram marks a jump in time and space and literally represents a black hole or an antimatter field in the Earth's grid! When such a grid failure occurs, the energy field around the Earth is literally turned off for a period of time.”

The first month of the third year of the golden decade is already extremely strong and is massively boosting the overall awakening process. For this reason, we can be excited to see what happens next. Either way, the current days/weeks are of great importance to all of us and you feel like you are constantly in a position to feel the violent current shifts. Big things are happening in the background and our systems are flooded with tremendous intensity. Well, today's daily energy continues to build on the very stormy January so far and calls on us to develop ourselves even more. So let us welcome the special quality of energy. But well, finally I would like to point out another planetary position: Mercury will be retrograde again from 12:31 p.m. Communication aspects are therefore increasingly in the foreground and Mercury retrograde in particular promotes communication difficulties and technical problems. We should therefore approach the days with even more mindfulness and focus on calm in appropriate situations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • magdalena 14. January 2022, 10: 51

      brilliant….lots of love….

    magdalena 14. January 2022, 10: 51

    brilliant….lots of love….