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Today's daily energy on December 14, 2019 is primarily shaped by the influences of the tenth and final portal day, which is why we will continue to experience very transcending and consciousness-altering influences. Portals to other dimensions/spheres, i.e. to other states of consciousness, are still open and we can therefore still travel into a completely new reality.

The tenth and final portal day

Well, ultimately the current energy quality is tremendous and the coming days (especially due to the fact that we are in the last days of this decade - we are experiencing a new/higher reality every day) will also trigger strong expansions of consciousness and changes, be it Christmas Eve, the directly following solar eclipse/new moon day, December 31st - i.e. the last day of this decade or even all other days within this decade. For this reason, profound changes in our own spirit will continue to be strongly experienced and a swing into a high-frequency/light-full/otherworldly reality will also then be favored. Nevertheless, today's last portal day marks the end of a highly transformative and, above all, important phase. Within these days we have found our way back to ourselves and revived a completely new reality. In the coming days, until the end of the year, we will experience a consolidation of corresponding insights and take this magic or this new reality with us into the new decade.

Russian Space Observing Center

In keeping with the portal day phase and generally in keeping with the special events of the past few days, we constantly received new peaks or rather strong swings within the planetary resonance frequency. The energy was therefore extremely strong, which greatly facilitated consciousness-expanding moments for us. We can therefore be curious to see how strong the intensity will be in the coming days!!

We are in the MOST IMPORTANT and TRANSFORMATIVE days of all and are experiencing the greatest realignment of the collective state of consciousness. It is therefore a gigantic magic that accompanies our days and we can be curious to see what powerful insights or even roots we will experience by the end of the year. Now, dear ones, enjoy today's final portal day and prepare yourselves internally for what is to come again, namely the entry into the golden decade - the most profound transition. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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