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Today's daily energy on December 14, 2017 represents our happiness and could subsequently be responsible for us achieving great success, whether from a financial or social perspective. So it could well be that we create situations in which we manifest happiness in some way in our own reality. In this context it should be said that happiness is not the result of chance and just happens to us.

A day full of happiness and success

daily energyGood luck and bad luck are much more products of our own state of consciousness, which we can attract into our lives using our own mental abilities. In this context, I have often mentioned that good or bad luck depends on the orientation of our own state of consciousness. The more we align our own minds, for example, with abundance, the more harmonious our mental spectrum is and the more we live out a mental balance, the more we attract circumstances into our own lives that are shaped by, or better said achieved by, happiness. Happiness doesn't just happen to us by chance, the same applies to success, both are states that require a mental state that requires active action based on current structures. A person who, for example, always remains in past mental scenarios and derives suffering from conflicts that are in no way resolved is not bathing in the river of abundance, but instead lives out a state of deficiency, i.e. a state of consciousness in which a lack of self-love, Peace, acceptance and balance prevail. The situation is similar with future scenarios. Many people remain in wishful thinking and subsequently signal a state of deficiency to the universe, as they are only satisfied and seemingly full when the corresponding wish has become manifest. Even people who are constantly worried about their lives and are afraid of the future mentally cut themselves off from current structures and do not live to the fullest in such moments. It's all about accepting your own life as it is again, so that you can then act from the now, from fullness. Instead of worrying about bills, unfulfilled wishes and other lacks, you should seize the opportunity again and actively work from the present to realize a life in which happiness, abundance, harmony and acceptance are present.

Due to a special star constellation between the Moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio and Jupiter in the zodiac sign Scorpio, we can experience a mental orientation towards happiness and abundance, especially between 17:58 p.m. and 19:58 p.m., which could subsequently bring us greater luck and success. .!!

Ultimately, today our focus on abundance and happiness is favored by a very special star constellation. So at 17:58 p.m. we will have a very special conjunction between the Moon (In Scorpio) and Jupiter (In Scorpio), which can bring us great financial and social success. This connection is particularly active from 17.58:19.58 p.m. and 13:38 p.m. and can therefore definitely align our own state of consciousness with abundance. Richness of emotions, ambition, a tendency to have fun and socialize are also strongly represented in us. Before that, however, at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. we reached a harmonious connection, i.e. a trine between the Moon and Neptune, which can give us an impressive mind, a strong imagination and good empathy. At the same time, this connection can also make us very attractive, dreamy and enthusiastic; a rich imagination also reaches us. Ultimately, these are the only two star constellations that reach us today, which is why things can be much more harmonious and balanced compared to other days. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/14

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