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daily energy

Today's daily energy stands for the exchange and balancing of energies. For this reason, in contrast to other days, we humans can ensure an inner balance much more easily today. In this context, as a rule, almost every person has a self-created mental imbalance, which in turn can be traced back to years of negative conditioning and imprinting.

Exchange and balancing of energies

Inner balanceThe currently dominant system is designed to allow negative energies to thrive in the form of fears, guilt, suffering, envy, greed, jealousy and other lower thoughts + emotions. Disinformation, lies, half-truths, propaganda, deception and, above all, the spreading of fears are the order of the day. For this reason, one likes to speak of an illusory world that was built around our heads and subsequently “rewards” people who cling to this illusory world and cling to the current system with all their might, everyone else will turn on pilloried and deliberately exposed to ridicule. Ultimately, this also created a judgmental behavior, because as soon as a person expresses an opinion that seems completely foreign to you and does not correspond to your own conditioned world view, you point the finger at the person in question and subsequently legitimize an internally accepted one Exclusion from the other person in one's own spirit. Well, because of this fact and especially the fact that we live in an energetically dense world (based on negative thoughts), in which in turn a lot of injustice happens, there is a certain mental imbalance in the minds of many people. This imbalance, which manifests itself in stress, fears, arrogance, egoism and other low ambitions + thoughts/feelings, burdens our own psyche, our own health on a daily basis and causes a permanent lowering of our own vibration frequency.

The more our own mind/body/spirit system is in balance, the more this promotes our own health and inspires our own self-confidence..!!

Therefore, it is also very important to provide balance again in order to eliminate this permanent mental pollution. At the end of the day, this also boosts our own health, ensures a better appearance and promotes our own self-confidence. For this reason, we should also use today's daily energy, treat ourselves to rest and, above all, ensure more balance. Everyone has the opportunity to do this and the corresponding potential can be developed at any time. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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