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Today's daily energy continues to be influenced by the 10 day portal day series, which has now entered the eighth day. For this reason, the end of the Portal Day series is slowly approaching and in 3 days it will be a little quieter again, at least as far as the Portal Days are concerned. Of course, this does not mean that no further cosmic events will take place, on the contrary, The month of September still has some special moments in store for us (but more on that in the next few days).

Hurricane Sebastian reaches Germany

Hurricane SebastianUntil then, at least from an energetic point of view, we will have a breather again and there will be a short phase in which we humans, or rather the entire collective state of consciousness, can integrate + process all the new energetic impressions of the last few weeks. Ultimately, this is also important in order to be able to promote personal mental and spiritual development. For this reason, many people often experience a certain overload in energetically intensive phases, which as a result flushes countless old programming, karmic ballast and other shadow parts into their own day-consciousness. Ultimately, this can block us in a certain way or even limit our actions for a short time, making us tired and unfocused. The development of diseases can also be the result, because our immaterial + material body first has to compensate for this overload. In this context, however, all this only serves our own development and is of the utmost importance for progressing in the process of spiritual awakening. Well then, the portal day series is slowly ending, the phase of the most recent solar storms is over and you might think that everything is slowly calming down again. Nevertheless, the weather is technically still stormy and the weather is still being worked on. I don't want to explain in more detail that storms, earthquakes and floods are often of an artificial nature and are deliberately triggered by certain instances, I've done that too often in the past few days.

For years the weather has been manipulated daily and massive atmospheric interventions have taken place. For this reason there is a veritable weather war, from which earthquakes, storms and floods sometimes arise..!!

I would like to go much further into the fact that a hurricane is now reaching us that is sweeping across Germany today. The whole country is affected by this low and strong gusts of wind will wreak havoc everywhere. Sometimes we can even expect extremely high wind speeds. In this regard, wind speeds of 149 kilometers per hour have already been measured on the Brocken in the Harz Mountains. On the other hand, this hurricane low also brings heavy precipitation in some areas. As of this afternoon, we can even expect very heavy precipitation in this regard. In isolated regions, up to 80 liters per square meter can therefore come down. In the evening, however, the weather should calm down again and the intensive weather phase will slowly subside. Until then, however, we should be careful of falling trees and flying roof tiles and even avoid forests in some areas. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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