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Today's daily energy on October 13, 2019 is mainly characterized by two coinciding events, because on the one hand today is a portal day and on the other hand a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Aries will manifest itself today at 23:09 p.m. Away from a new moon (on October 28th) and other portal days, which will follow later this month (on October 16th and 26th to 31st), we are now experiencing the first special energetic peak of this month.

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Aries

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign AriesThis full moon is all about completion, i.e. it completes all of our developments and processes (Detachment from old structures) and circumstances/conditions on our part that we have worked intensively on in the past few weeks. After all, we are currently heading towards the most significant decade of all and in this decade we will not only completely master or have mastered ourselves (This not only means that we have original knowledge deeply anchored in us, i.e. that we ourselves are the origin of everything, but that we have also overcome all destructive states based on lack/dependence), but also or at the same time carry our inner light out into the world and thereby bring about great changes in the world. Today's full moon will push us immensely and encourage us to take action or resolve our own deficiencies. This is reinforced, apart from the strong, consciousness-changing and, above all, dissolving basic energy (old patterns), through the Aries zodiac sign, because the Aries zodiac sign stands for creativity like no other zodiac sign.

Planetary resonance frequency

In keeping with today's full moon & portal day, we received very noticeable anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency... One thing is certain, today will bring us incredible energetic inflows..!!

It revives a fire in us, encourages us to act, to implement, to use impulses and awakens in us a strong call to bring our own lives into harmony (and to act accordingly). Dear ones, the current days are so intense and put us all in a completely new state. The suction force is gigantic and takes us into a new world at what feels like infinite speed (our inner new world - based on abundance, wisdom, self-love & peace). And today we will be able to feel this acceleration, reinforced by the portal day, in a very special way. It's even more about our personal development, about the relationship with ourselves, which in turn wants to be brought into harmony and, above all, about a completion of the last week - a completion of a cycle in which we have developed ourselves so much it has never been the case before. Well, finally, I would like to quote a relevant section from the website eleonore-streil.de:

On October 13th, the Sun will be in Libra and the Moon will be in Aries. This full moon has it all, because one of the portal days in October and there are already a few falls exactly on this full moon!

It's about fears, compulsions and old beliefs, so you should find out what else needs to be done inside and outside. Let us be aware of the power we ultimately have to move everything in the direction we want, even if not in the old, conventional form. Because we should be ready for the changes that are taking place around us. Don't be afraid of the new things that are waiting for us! The transformation process is taking place! Whether we think it's good or not! We become butterflies, but we have to spread our wings and fly ourselves! Often fears and old beliefs, as well as old injuries, prevent us from being the person we could be and doing what we want to do. In the days surrounding the full moon, we may also be able to painfully recognize what is stopping us. Even if it hurts, we can distinguish very well between what belongs to us and what we need to work on. If we take this path, the possibilities for change, transformation and freedom are immense these days.

The portal days are days of increased cosmic radiation and also very high energies and frequencies. We can use them very well for meditation for intensive introspection and personal development. On these full moon days, the veils to other worlds are significantly thinner and we gain insights into other dimensions through meditation.

With that in mind, enjoy today's full moon & portal day. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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