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daily energy

The daily energy of today stands for the limitless and, above all, immeasurable abundance that every person can draw into their own lives at any time, anywhere. In this context, abundance, like everything in existence, is merely a product of our own state of consciousness, a result of our own creative power - with the help of which we create a life that is characterized by abundance rather than lack.

Focus your mind on abundance rather than lack

Focus your mind on abundance rather than lackIn this context, we humans are responsible for whether we experience abundance or even lack in our own lives. This also depends solely on the orientation of our own mind. An abundance consciousness, i.e. a state of consciousness that is focused on abundance, also attracts further abundance into one's own life. A lack consciousness, i.e. a state of consciousness that is focused on lack, also attracts further lack into one's own life. You don't attract what you want into your life, but always what you are and what you radiate. Because of the law of resonance, like always attracts like. One could also make the claim here that one primarily attracts states that have the same/similar frequency as the frequency of one's own state of consciousness. In this context, one's own consciousness vibrates at an individual frequency (a frequented state that is constantly changing) and as a result simply harmonizes with equally vibrating states. If you are happy + satisfied with yourself and your life for this reason, then you will most likely only attract other things into your life that will be characterized by this happiness. Apart from this, you will then automatically view future life circumstances or, more precisely, the world as a whole from this positively oriented state of consciousness. Since your own mind is designed for contentment and happiness and you resonate with these states, you automatically attract other such states. A person who is very angry and legitimizes hatred in his own mind, i.e. a person who has a low-frequency state of consciousness, would ultimately only attract further circumstances that vibrate at such a low frequency.

Your own mind works like a strong magnet, which firstly interacts with all of creation and secondly always draws into your own life what it resonates with..!!

In exactly the same way, such a person would look at life from a negative/hateful perspective and would consequently see these negative aspects in everything. You always see the world as you are and not as it appears to be. For this reason, the external world is only a mirror of one's own internal state. What we see in the world, the way we perceive the world, what we see in other people are merely our own aspects, i.e. reflections of our own current state of consciousness. For this reason, our happiness does not depend on any external “illusory states”, but rather on the alignment of our own mind or on a state of consciousness in which abundance, harmony and peace are present again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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