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Today's daily energy on November 13, 2017 stands for access to the core of things, stands for our connection with all of creation and consequently also for our own spiritual presence, which in turn can experience a power of initiation and inspiration. For this reason, today's daily energy embodies in a certain way a process of birth, basically represents a powerful new beginning that encompasses all aspects of our existence and also brings us a little closer towards Christ consciousness or also called cosmic consciousness (Christ consciousness = a high state of consciousness in which harmonious thoughts and emotions find their place).

 Access to the core of things

Access to the core of thingsIn this context, the further development of the collective state of consciousness, or rather the change of the entire human civilization, continues to advance and humanity continues to develop at a rapid pace. In this regard, we have been experiencing an extreme acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening for several months and one therefore really has the feeling that the collective state of consciousness is making greater leaps from day to day. So the truth about our own origins and above all the truth about life and the world (truth about the system - about the illusory world that was built around our minds) is becoming more and more widespread and the supposedly “powerful” ones The financial elite, the chaos creators of this world, are slowly having to admit defeat and are aware that their time of rule is about to end.

Due to the enormous development in the process of spiritual awakening, we can definitely assume that very contradictory events will reach us in the near future, which will then make even more people question the system built on disinformation..!! 

For this reason, we can also assume that we will soon see more and more incidents on the “world stage”, i.e. events that will increasingly expose the disinformative system and make even the most skeptical people no longer understand the truth about our world (about our existence as slaves). can be labeled as a supposed “conspiracy theory”.

Today's star constellation

Today's star constellationThe change in our world is unstoppable, inevitable and will revolutionize our civilization. Well, today's daily energy is, on the other hand, accompanied by various star constellations. We are experiencing a wonderful start to the week due to an extraordinary connection between Venus and Jupiter. Venus (love) and Jupiter (ideals) also joined together at 9:15, which is a very strong constellation and can bring us luck in love in marriage or even in partnerships. In exactly the same way, this constellation could also give us a certain financial boost (if two planets occupy more or less the same position, then they form a conjunction||0 degrees). However, this constellation can also bring with it certain friction, simply because Venus and Jupiter combine in Scorpio, which in turn is ruled by Pluto and Mars. This friction can arise especially if we react too passionately overall, which is why a certain level of tolerance should not be ignored. Due to the sextile of the sun and moon (sextile = harmonious angular relationship), we are now treated as equals in our professions and are not expected to be submissive.

Due to the constellation of Venus and Jupiter today, we can definitely enjoy a circumstance that can not only bring a financial boost, but can also bring us luck in love..!!

Because of this sextile, we somehow feel at home everywhere and experience a lot of helpfulness. Things will get stormier towards the late afternoon, because then a square of the Moon and Saturn will reach us, which could trigger restrictions, emotional depression, dissatisfaction, stubbornness and insincerity. In addition, the square of Mercury and Neptune could also weigh on us. This constellation can make us impractical, dreamy, unstable, unreliable and, above all, mentally unbalanced.

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