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Today's daily energy on May 13, 2022 continues to bring us the influences of the waxing moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Libra early yesterday morning at 08:31 a.m. and has since given us the influences of the balancing air element. In this context, Libra embodies like no other Zodiac sign the manifestation of an inner state based on balance and harmony. For this reason, the Libra star sign always puts the relationship with our fellow human beings in the foreground and wants a lot of healing and harmony to prevail here.

Today's Libra Moon

daily energyThe air sign wants us to bring lightness into our interpersonal relationships and therefore create a harmonious situation. At its core, of course, it's about our inner harmony or healing the relationship with ourselves, because the connection to every person, place, animal or even object ultimately only reflects the relationship to ourselves. Suffering and, above all, heaviness-accompanied connections only make us aware of our inner heaviness and density. All connections always reflect our current inner state and can draw our attention to inner wounds that in turn need healing. As I said, at this point we should never forget that the entire existence is embedded within our own mind. You are also currently perceiving the reading of this article or the information written here in your mind or in your own field. All the circumstances that come your way in one day therefore carry a deep meaning and send you special messages. And it is precisely in these highly intense times that we can perceive these messages more strongly. In this context, we are also in the most energetically intense time ever. We can surrender to our sacred selves better than ever before and process, transform and heal our deepest emotional wounds. All energies are completely designed for this. In the same way, resistance and rejection of this awakening process are accompanied by significantly harsher consequences. The overarching vibrational quality wants to make everything shine, which is why it makes more sense than ever to open yourself up to it completely.

The lunar eclipse intensity

Coming blood moonWell, on the other hand, today's Libra full moon will be significantly stronger in terms of general energy. In a few days (on May 16th) a total lunar eclipse reaches us in the most energetically intense zodiac sign, Scorpio. A concentrated force will therefore flow into us and illuminate the deepest parts of our being. This is exactly how we can gain groundbreaking insights and encounters. The energy can already be felt and is already strengthening all internal processes. Maybe you can already feel the current intensity. Your own perception becomes more pronounced, your mind becomes more alert and you receive magical impulses. In general, the entire atmosphere could be described as magical, intense, but also extremely changing, as if we were facing a major upheaval. Well, either way, in a few days the full energy of the total lunar eclipse will reach us and we can be curious to see what the days will feel like until then. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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