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Today's daily energy on May 13, 2021 is shaped on the one hand by the influences of the fifth portal day and on the other hand by strong basic information, which can be traced back to today's Ascension Day. The elevation of the state of Christ consciousness to the father or to the completely divine also contains extremely strong information at its core. Independent of twisted information and also the dark side of the church, we must never disregard that there is a deep core of truth anchored within early Christianity (Christian = Messiah, the anointed).

The ascent to the highest

And this truth ultimately serves the sole purpose that we can find our true self again and, as a result, regain a perfect connection to the divine, i.e. that we recognize that we ourselves as a pure source or as a pure consciousness all images in the Having created the outside of ourselves, acknowledging an idea for ourselves as truth in which we can acknowledge ourselves, the outside world as a direct image, as the one Source/God. It is the purpose of the dark or the main task of the NWO/the darkness that we cower, let a small self-image come to life and completely turn away from God or even divine states. It's the same as in yesterday's daily energy article addressed in detail that dark people want and above all live from the fact that we ourselves direct our gaze to disharmonious circumstances/ideas on a daily basis, that we ourselves are always only focused on suffering and shadows, which at the end of the day allows realities to thrive, which in turn pervaded by this darkness. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to look more closely at God, that the divine or even the Christ consciousness directs it, whether we acknowledge this on the outside or even in ourselves (ideally in both of course – all is one and one is all). As already mentioned, our own self-image creates external reality. In the same way, energy always follows our own attention. By shifting our own view of current grievances, we only reinforce the existence of the same grievances. That is why the system is being split with all its might. Whether the mainstream media or even alternative media, ultimately a struggle is being practiced here that, no matter which side we choose, comes with friction, division and, at the end of the day, a focus on darkness. Of course, enlightenment is important and we can draw value from everything, but if we only draw our own mind from dark (Unheil) allow information to permeate, then we create a reality which in turn is powered by that dark information. But if we put our own focus on God, the Divine, Christ, the Christ Consciousness, on holiness and all the divine values ​​that go with it (Regardless of how everyone interprets the divine for themselves or how everyone has recognized the core of God for themselves as truth, - oneself God, the outer world God, a God on the outside, oneself as a source decides for one Divine image, Jesus is the way, truth and life, that Christ consciousness is the way, truth and life, etc.), – , then not only are we directing the outer world in that very same direction, but we are thus withdrawing from the dark simply because our inner world is being directed toward the sacred.

The image of the Divine heals you completely

And it is precisely this fact that has the GREATEST IMPORTANCE in the current world or is of GREATEST IMPORTANCE, i.e. that we let our eyes wander to the holy instead of to the dark. Especially since and that was also an important aspect of the penultimate daily energy article, we must not forget that our cells react to our thoughts, to our ideas and above all to our basic feelings, which is why a divine mindset brings healing to our cell milieu and a dark/systemic mindset in turn brings disaster (even if, of course, the experience of disaster in particular leads us to salvation - every experience leads us deeper into awakening). As the saying goes, “Whoever has the Son of God has eternal life, whoever does not have the Son of God has not eternal life”, i.e. who truly carries the perfectly pure, divinely connected and loving state of Christ consciousness, the can of course live forever, because his entire mind/body/spirit system is 100% permeated by healing, a systemic/purely earthly or dark self-image makes you age again, because it feeds your own organism with limitations, shadows and consequently impurities.

Enjoy the Ascension Day

Well then, today we experience the influences of the fifth portal day and also experience the core information about the spiritual ascent to the divine. This information is extremely powerful and can serve as incredible inspiration for us to break out of our limitations and consequently ascend to divinity. We all carry Infinite Potential within us and can enter states of sanctity at any time. So let's flourish even more and heal the splits within our minds. The Kingdom of God wants to be manifest within ourselves and we should allow that in, rather than the manifestation of a dark world. Well then, last but not least I would like to draw your attention to a video by my good friend Marek Pi, who in his latest video addressed the topic "Dark Field - Light Full Field" and also drew attention to the fact that we are increasing our should focus on the divine field instead of pursuing dark information. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 Ps In line with this, I would also like to tell you that I will also address this topic in depth again. The highest level of knowledge, part 5, will therefore follow!!!!!!

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