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Today's daily energy on March 13, 2021 is mainly characterized by the influences of the new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which in turn becomes manifest at 11:27 a.m. and for this reason gives us an energy of new beginnings, inner clarification and, above all, throughout the day manifestation of an idea or a vision, which due to the special new moon energy quality in the coming time can bear fruit. In this regard, no other day lends itself more to the realization of new states/circumstances, as is the case on today's new moon day, and for various reasons.

Perfect ending and new beginning

Moon in Pisces

Away from the general stormy energies (windy weather condition), the abnormalities (Updates) within the planetary resonant frequencies and most importantly, away from the overarching high vibration of the collective state of consciousness (because in the meantime an extremely large number of people have woken up - at least in relation to the illusory system, have attained a certain level of alertness/clarity), this new moon marks the end of the old like no other and, above all, the associated beginning of a completely new energy cycle. Of course, new moons generally always end old cycles and start a new cycle, but today's Pisces new moon takes this principle to a whole new level. The Pisces zodiac sign always completes the journey through the 12 zodiac signs, i.e. as the last zodiac sign, it always leads us into a new cycle. On the other hand, this is the last new moon just before the upcoming equinox on March 20th/21st, - a short HIGHLY MAGIC period that heralds the new astrological year and the associated beginning of spring. Thus we experience an extremely final New Moon, as it marks the beginning of the new zodiac cycle (with the ram tomorrow) and represents the last new moon in this astrological year (until March 20th the sun will be in the zodiac sign Pisces, from then on the complete new beginning will take place). For these reasons, today's new moon day is HIGHLY MAGICAL in terms of energy quality. It stands for the end of an old cycle and leads us into the entrance of a completely new energy cycle or allows us to feel this entrance, which will finalize especially on March 20th, to the maximum.

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Today, more than ever, we can initiate the end of old structures, i.e. defective habits, disharmonious beliefs, convictions, views, behavior, bonds and generally heavy energies or even be confronted with them in a direct way. The same applies, of course, conversely to the manifestation of new structures, i.e. we could use the greatest ability of our mind (CREATE - CREATE NEW - As creators ourselves, we can completely reshape the world at any time) initiate changes within our own current state of consciousness. Today's magic is therefore very profound, groundbreaking and noticeable on every level of existence. More than ever there is an opportunity to realign with our own reality. And as I said, all it takes is a change in our current mental state. Everything is truly based ONLY on our own spiritual alignment. We can change the state of our inner world in a moment, which in turn allows us to create a completely new reality. By changing our own self-image, we are creating a whole new world, and such a process could easily happen today. For this reason, let us celebrate today's Pisces new moon and absorb the new deep within ourselves. Everything is possible. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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