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Today's daily energy on March 13, 2018 is particularly influenced by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Aquarius at 23:44 p.m. yesterday evening and has since given us influences that stand for helpfulness, brotherhood and our relationships with friends. On the other hand, could The moon is also responsible for social issues affecting us more than usual and, if necessary, us feel the urge to initiate appropriate changes

Freedom and independence

Freedom and independenceIn this regard, there is generally a lot of injustice in the world, which is partly related to the “low-frequency” system, which in turn is designed for materialism, disinformation and injustice. On the other hand, this circumstance can also be attributed to disharmonious people, i.e. people who legitimize disharmonious (EGO) thoughts in their own minds (the pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of a psychological pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who do not take responsibility for their inner space. – Eckhart Tolle). Of course, due to the current Age of Aquarius and the associated continuous increase in vibration, this situation is changing. In this way, we humans become more sensitive, begin to live more in harmony with nature and question our own shadows and destructive behavior. As already mentioned in one of my last daily energy articles, the situation is getting worse and a real truth-finding is taking place, whereby all the grievances are gradually being recognized, questioned and corrected. Since the moon has now changed to the zodiac sign Aquarius, corresponding system-critical or social content could affect us more than on other days. Otherwise, the “Aquarius Moon” could also trigger a desire for freedom in us. Aquarius moons generally represent freedom and independence. For this reason, the coming days are perfect for working on the manifestation of new projects. Our self-realization is also in the foreground, as is the associated state of consciousness, which in turn creates a reality in which we can realign our lives.

A wise person lets go of the past every moment and goes into the future reborn. For Him the present is a constant transformation, a rebirth, a resurrection. – Osho..!!

Working within current structures is an appropriate keyword here. Instead of surrendering to our own mental past, we could act within the eternally extending moment and thereby create a circumstance/condition in which we feel freer and more balanced. Otherwise it should also be said that four more star constellations reach us. So at 13:38 p.m. a square (square = disharmonious angular relationship 90°) takes effect between Venus (in the zodiac sign Aries) and Saturn (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which lasts for two days and affects us, at least if we get involved with the energies , grief and worries about love and relationships.

Today's daily energy is particularly shaped by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Aquarius at 23:44 p.m. yesterday evening and has since given us influences through which we could not only feel a need for freedom within ourselves, but also our friends are very affectionate..!!

At 16:20 p.m. a harmonious constellation, namely a sextile (harmonic angular relationship - 60°) between the Moon and Venus takes effect, which means our feeling of love can be more pronounced and we can be adaptable and accommodating. Ultimately, this is a special constellation that allows us to be open to our family. At 21:05 p.m. the sun forms a trine with Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio) (harmonic angular relationship - 120°) that lasts for two days, through which we could have a strong life force and a more pronounced sense of justice. On the other hand, this constellation promotes our health well-being. Last but not least, another sextile reaches us at 22:36 p.m., namely between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aries), which can give us a good mind, a talent for languages ​​and also good judgment. Our intellect is inspired by this constellation and practical and independent thinking is strengthened. Nevertheless, it should be said that today the influences of the Aquarius Moon are mainly affecting us, which is why the urge for freedom, brotherhood, independence and our social contacts are in the foreground. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/13

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