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Today's daily energy on June 13, 2018 is mainly shaped by the influences of the new moon in the zodiac sign Gemini. This new moon gives us, like yesterday new moon article mentioned, influences that have a quite refreshing and realigning effect. New moons also represent new living conditions and completely new orientations that we can manifest in our own minds.

New Moon Influences

New moon in the zodiac sign GeminiThe manifestation of corresponding changes or new living conditions is therefore massively encouraged. Since this new moon is active in the zodiac sign Gemini, the pursuit of higher knowledge is also in the foreground. As a result, we could also increasingly search for new experiences and sensory impressions. We may want to experience new things or even strive to manifest completely new living conditions. We may also want to change our own lifestyle. We are dissatisfied with our current life, but may not be able to let go of our old programs. As a result, we withhold or close ourselves off from the new and remain in the usual everyday vicious circles. Today's new moon energies therefore provide us with optimal influences through which we could realize corresponding projects. Even small changes could create completely new paths in life. Imagine doing something today that you have been putting off for a long time. You might also start manifesting a project that you have been wanting to do for some time. If you were to start implementing such projects today, imagine what could have developed from it in just 15 days. On the next full moon (in 15 days), which represents abundance, you would definitely feel the effects of your actions. You would have manifested a completely new life circumstance and realigned your own state of being or mental state. For this reason, we should use today's, essentially very powerful, new moon energies to create a new living situation. Well, apart from the new moon influences, it should be said that the influences of various constellations also reach us.

The only way to make sense of a change is to fully immerse yourself in it, move with it, join the dance. – Alan Watts..!

At 11:40 a.m. a square between the Moon and Neptune came into effect, which overall favored hypersensitivity and passive attitudes to life. At 13:40 p.m. a sextile between Mercury and Uranus takes effect again, which firstly affects us all day long and secondly makes us progressive, energetic, unconventional and creative as a whole. This constellation therefore also favors the creation of new living conditions and goes perfectly with the influences of the new moon. Last but not least, Venus moves into the zodiac sign Leo at 23:53 p.m., which means we could be in a pretty passionate mood. This could also awaken our “fiery nature” and make us more generous. Nevertheless, it should be said that it is mainly the influences of the new moon that affect us, which is why the focus is on creating new living conditions. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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