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Today's daytime energy, February 13, 2018, is dominated by the Moon, which in turn will move into Aquarius at 16:11 p.m. representing entertainment, brotherhood, and our relationship with friends. Apart from that could The moon also ensures that social issues affect us more than usual and therefore triggers some emotions in us.

A desire for freedom in the foreground

Daily Energy on February 13, 2018On the other hand, with a moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius, there is always a great need for freedom in the foreground and we therefore feel the urge to change our lives so that we feel significantly more liberated and, as a result, more relaxed. In this context, freedom is also something that is essential for our own prosperity. The more we deprive ourselves of our own freedom - be it, for example, through jobs that make us extremely unhappy (possibly taking over our lives completely), through various addictions or even through dependencies in relationships, the more lasting an impact this has on our own mental state . We then become increasingly unbalanced, unmotivated and may even develop depressive moods. Freedom is therefore essential and something that every person needs for their mental health. In this regard, freedom can also be equated with a state of consciousness in which the feeling of freedom is manifest. The same is true with happiness or love. Our entire life is an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness and we perceive the world as we ourselves are. Due to the “Aquarius Moon”, our desire for freedom is definitely awakened today, which is why various activities could be in the foreground. At the same time, the Aquarius Moon could also make us feel fun-loving and make us look for fun and entertainment. Otherwise, a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio) reached us at 00:41 a.m., which stood for social success and material gains. Apart from that, this constellation allowed us, at least at that time, to have a positive attitude to life and also a sincere nature. At 06:43 a.m. a disharmonious constellation took effect again, namely a square between the Moon and Uranus (in the zodiac sign Aries), which made us prone to changing moods, an irritable state of mind, high tension and moodiness. As a result of this constellation, early risers could not have the best start to the day, at least if the quality of their current state of consciousness is not the most balanced anyway.

Today's daily energetic influences are particularly influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius, which is why not only a desire for freedom, but also a desire for entertainment and joy of life can be in the foreground..!!

Last but not least, at 23:38 p.m. a square between Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aquarius) and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio) will reach us, which will last for 1 day, which could make us act very stubborn, careless and unreliable. Nevertheless, today - especially from the afternoon onwards - the energies of the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius are mainly affecting us, which is why entertainment, freedom and our relationships with friends are in the foreground. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Februar/13

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