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Today's daily energy on December 13, 2019 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's 12-12-12 full moon day and therefore continues to bring us very strong transformative energies. achieved in this context Yesterday, due to all the cosmic events, we received a huge high-frequency energy of the highest order and an incredible amount was solved, transformed and changed on our part.

The lingering energies of yesterday

The lingering energies of yesterdayIn this context, for me personally it was about the topic of abundance, wealth and, above all, a wealth consciousness, which in turn became very strongly manifested yesterday. Yes, in this regard, my blockages were even broken down and I was able to, together with my brother , experienced a very strong consolidation of corresponding new ideas in this regard. As far as this is concerned, it should also be said that the topics of abundance/wealth and entering into the highest creative spirit were very much present in March of this year and a lot of self-realization occurred. The whole thing accompanied us until the end of the year and then, or during these days, experienced an indescribably strong rootedness. Intuitively, the argument first came about, or rather inspirations regarding the highest spirit of God (that only oneself is the creator of all things) and now, in the past few days - with the accompanying climax yesterday, to a very strong abundance and understanding of wealth, which enabled us to break through important blockages on our part. In this regard, it was also a magical moment, because we ourselves went for a walk through a forest near us, philosophized about this topic, felt our previous rejection and, above all, the rejection of many people towards wealth, abundance, luxury, rich people, etc. (what a rejection of money and therefore abundance is - and yes, money, as pure energy, is not an indicator of inner abundance, but that's not what I'm trying to get at) and subsequently felt very strongly why, as a result, many people maintain inner states of deficiency (especially in relation to financial freedom - there is hardly an issue in the world, especially in the spiritual scene, where there are so many blockages regarding money etc), a very violent experience.

Yesterday was accompanied by such strong energy that countless blockages on our part were released and, along with this, a complete realignment of our minds took place. All of this served our personal spiritual/spiritual perfection and created a basis from which we can create a new/light reality. It was therefore a special event..!!

And fittingly, at exactly that moment we were able to see the gigantic full moon on the horizon, which on the one hand had previously been completely covered by cloud cover and on the other hand, shone extremely brightly - rarely has the full moon been as magical and radiant as it was the case yesterday, pure magic. Well, in the end it was a very special moment, which in turn was accompanied by a breakthrough in our inner world (A corresponding and, above all, detailed video on the topic will follow - it is not possible for me to write the whole thing down in this article, simply because it is far too much and should also be discussed in detail). Ultimately, it was an extremely intense, magical and, above all, meaningful day for both of us. But not just for us. Yesterday gave us an energy potential that broke all boundaries and set in motion a gigantic transformation, yes, the influences even went hand in hand - in the background, with the installation of countless new 5D structures, which is why it was a very significant day (Incidentally, many, many people told me about these violent energies). Well, today we will certainly feel the lingering influences of yesterday and will definitely continue to experience special impulses. So it still remains very, very exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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