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Today's daily energy on December 13, 2018 is characterized in particular by the moon, which in turn will change to the zodiac sign Pisces at 13:39 p.m. today and will then give us influences that make us more sensitive, dreamy, could be compassionate and, above all, meditative. In particular, the dreamy/meditative aspect is increasingly in the foreground.

Dreaminess & sensitivity

Dreaminess & sensitivityIn this context, the “Pisces Moon” generally represents a certain dreaminess and allows us to retreat a little. In other words, on appropriate days, our own mental life can be more in the foreground, allowing us to indulge in a little peace and listen to our own inner world. The result would be a deep experience of our own soul powers, at least if we are in the right mood. Ultimately, these influences could be experienced more strongly throughout, especially since tomorrow is a portal day. Especially on portal days we generally experience a more intense circumstance (from an energy perspective) (special energy quality). In this regard, I personally have to admit that I am looking forward to the portal day, especially since so many things are currently changing for the better. It's hard to describe, basically we've been going through an extremely special phase since October (the month was accompanied by extreme energetic movements/changes, although September was also very intense) and I've also experienced a wide variety of states of consciousness, as extreme as it feels has never been the case before. At the beginning, the focus was on going through some lows - emotional chaos became noticeable, but the circumstances are changing and now I'm heading towards a completely new attitude to life. The days on which I am subject to internal conflicts are therefore becoming fewer and fewer (or I let internal conflicts affect me significantly less) and at the same time I have many moments in which I not only immediately recognize my own EGO entanglements and then get rid of them, but also, yes, how do I put this, I say I have moments that feel completely unique and magical. I feel that everything is getting better and a massive unveiling is taking place.

Each individual resident consciously or unconsciously shapes the outside world through the dynamics of their mental structure. – Denis Herger..!!

So much is in the process of detaching and even though there are still moments when I'm not mentally up to speed (for example when I made the last video - it was a tiring day), the basic state of my mind is much clearer, more vital and more insightful. Ultimately, it is truly one of the best and most “potentially rich” phases ever and so much can happen within a short period of time. No two days are the same and we can make enormous mental and emotional progress. As I said, the current time is predestined for this and we are about to enter a phase in which we can fully take action and begin to represent the change that we want for the world. For this reason, I am firmly convinced that a completely new time will soon dawn for many people, i.e. a time in which the inner world will come into harmony and a balance created by ourselves will come into force. Of course, riots, friction and shadows can still be experienced, just as there are many people who are just beginning to come into contact with spiritual issues, yet some will reach a balanced state of consciousness. And at the end of the day we must not forget one thing, our thoughts and emotions always flow into and change the collective state of consciousness. This means that this belief also experiences a manifestation in the collective. And the more people hold a mental construct or belief, the stronger the corresponding manifestation becomes. Well then, with that in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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