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Today's daily energy on December 13, 2017 represents our high ideals and can awaken in us a strong interest in higher education and literature. For this reason, today is also perfect for experiencing new self-knowledge. Our own horizons can be expanded and we are very receptive to new knowledge and information regarding our original reason, life itself and countless other topics that concern us at the moment.

Greater interest in higher education and literature

Greater interest in higher education and literatureIn particular, topics such as philosophy, spirituality, medicine and related alternative healing methods, legal matters and religion can come to the fore in this regard. Our thirst for knowledge is then further intensified by a further strong energetic increase, which in particular develops our penchant for new self-knowledge. In this context, our high ideals also come to the fore due to the increased cosmic radiation. So we also tend to want to realize ourselves more and want to build on the realization of a life that we may have been depriving ourselves of for countless years. The realization of a life in which we are completely happy, live out inner peace and manifest all of our heart's desires, i.e. align our actions with our spiritual intentions. It is therefore also about exploiting our full potential and the associated creation of a state of consciousness in which balance and self-love are present. The embodiment of high ideals, deepest convictions and spiritual aspects usually requires a high degree of self-control and requires personal initiative. We just can't bring our own heart's desires into harmony with our lives if we always act contrary and repeatedly block ourselves through self-imposed mental blockages.

A fine art of life is to bring our own emotional desires and intentions into harmony with our actions. Instead of acting contrary to our ideas and beliefs, we should start embodying what ultimately corresponds to our views. It's about representing the change that you want for this world..!!  

For this reason, today is also perfect for laying the foundations for a life by manifesting our ideals and heart's desires. Well, ultimately our increased interest in higher education and literature, the embodiment of our ideals, can also be traced back to various star constellations.

Mixed star constellations

Mixed star constellationsSo at 02:48 a.m. we had a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury (both celestial bodies are in the sign of Sagittarius), which sparked our strong interest in higher education and literature. This constellation lasts the whole day and can also give us a strong ability to concentrate, a good memory, rhetorical skills, a certain understanding of art and a talent for languages. At 04:49 a.m. we also reached an opposition, i.e. a very tense aspect between the Moon and Uranus, which made us react eccentrically, willfully, fanatically, exaggeratedly, irritably and capriciously. This connection could also be responsible for mood swings. At 13:26 p.m. we reached another sextile, i.e. a harmonious aspect between the Moon and Saturn, which awakened a sense of responsibility and organizational talent in us. At 14:58 p.m. the Libra Moon changed to the zodiac sign Scorpio, which not only allowed us to reach strong energies, but also aroused our passion, sensuality, impulsivity, but also argumentativeness and revenge. At the same time, the Scorpio Moon also ensures that we can cope with serious changes more easily. Last but not least, at 20:23 p.m. there will be a conjunction between the Moon and Mars, which will make us act extremely irritable, boastful but also passionate. Strong internal tensions and susceptibility to illnesses can then also become noticeable.

Due to the rather mixed star constellations, countless mood swings can become noticeable. On the one hand, we can be open to new things and enthusiastically pursue higher education and literature, but on the other hand, we could also be prone to impulsiveness and irritability..!!

Overall, today is a rather mixed day and on the one hand it can have a very inspiring influence on us, but on the other hand it could also make us irritable and definitely overload us. Ultimately, it is therefore advisable to avoid sources of conflict and instead treat yourself to a little peace and quiet. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/13

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