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Today's daily energy on April 13, 2022 is shaped by various special constellations. On the one hand, the moon, which continues to wax, changed to the zodiac sign Virgo yesterday afternoon at 16:04 p.m., i.e. since then the energies of the earth sign have reached us, which not only particularly appeals to our blood circulation, but also helps us to ground ourselves. Moderation and analytical approaches can encourage. The Virgo zodiac sign also increasingly favors the creation of a more orderly or structured living environment.

The magical Jupiter/Neptune conjunction

Waxing Virgo MoonOn the other hand, a highly magical conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune became active yesterday at 13:48 p.m. This conjunction, now in the zodiac sign of Pisces, ends a cycle that has lasted 166 years and thus initiated a corresponding cycle change that will extend into the year 2035. The meeting of these two planets is accompanied by a strong spirit of optimism. In particular, overcoming our materially oriented existence, along with an extremely strong spiritual and truth-oriented orientation, should shape the coming weeks, months and years. Ultimately, this constellation can benefit us extremely and it fits perfectly into current global events. In this context, we have always been led to believe that there is a global event that essentially represents a huge show/world stage and is full of illusions, half-truths and false or intellectually downplaying information (a system that takes advantage of our creative power and therefore thrives on us directing our energy/attention to its system). This fact has become more and more clear in recent years and months, meaning more and more truths have emerged from this construct. At its core, everything revolves around our personal healing process, i.e. the manifestation of God, Christ and an associated healed/holy spirit/consciousness within ourselves, to master our being and the resulting mastery of the world. At the core, we should find our highest self-image again, through which we will be able to revive a golden/divine/holy inner state, a state that can only in turn bring about the manifestation of a golden age (as within, so without – a holy/healed world can only return when we ourselves are whole/holy).

Events during past Jupiter/Neptune constellations

Well, this process, which is accompanied by a strong discovery of truth and self-empowerment, will experience a strong upswing in the coming time (the achievement the next level). The Jupiter/Neptune connection will therefore bring to light a lot of unresolved things in the near future and bring about a lot of change. We will experience great upheaval, drama, but also much purification, truth and new circumstances. Well, in keeping with this, I would also like to draw attention to events that took place during past Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions (source: feenstadl.blogspot.com)

  • The last Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces reached us in March 1856. There was a major flood in France that resulted in many victims. On the other hand, the four-year Opium War between England, France and China began at this time. At the end of that month, the Crimean War, a military conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, also ended.

  • Another Jupiter/Neptune conjunction reached us in September 1919, at the time of the Paris Peace Conference.

  • On September 2, 1945, the surrender of Japan marked the end of the fighting in World War II. Jupiter and Neptune formed a conjunction in the sign of Libra on the 2rd.

  • Another Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces came to us in February 1690, a time when the first paper money was put into circulation in America 

Waxing Virgo Moon

Waxing Virgo MoonWell, as already mentioned, apart from the influences of the highly magical conjunction, the energies of the waxing moon also reach us. As far as this is concerned, the full moon will also manifest in a few days (on April, 16th), which means that we will generally be able to experience the influences of the Virgo zodiac sign more strongly today. And especially in current times, the earth element or a grounding circumstance can be very important for us. In the current stormy and, above all, energetically very changeable days, many people are completely falling out of their inner center. Instead of remaining in a state of calm, peace and love, many tend to become easily upset, resentful, and focus only on bad things, thereby affecting their inner peace. For this reason, it is fundamentally important that we currently learn to ground ourselves more than anything else or even to root ourselves within a relaxed state. Go into nature, pursue harmonious activities, meditate, consume medicinal plants, lots of things spring water Drinking and, above all, ensuring that we change our own limiting beliefs, simply in order to be able to experience more inner peace, we should pursue all of these things now. The fact that we follow the natural principles and ground ourselves more strongly these days can benefit us greatly. Let us therefore absorb the influences of the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Virgo and put opportunities for inner relaxation into practice. Let us allow peace to return to our energy system. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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