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Today's daily energy on April 13, 2018 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, but on the other hand by five star constellations, four of which are harmonious in nature. In this context, we are literally “gifted” with constellations that stand for love and happiness. For this reason, we humans could be in a more positive mood than usual, at least if, as has already been mentioned many times, we get involved with the influences or are in a harmonious mood beforehand (positive mental orientation).

Today's daily energetic influences

Four harmonious lunar constellationsToday's Friday the 13th doesn't necessarily have to be a bad day, but rather it can bring about extremely positive conditions. In this context, superstitious phenomena generally do not have to come into force; they are much more phenomena that can become reality through our own beliefs. Whether a black cat (the poor animal^^), a broken mirror or even Friday the 13th brings bad luck depends entirely on us. If we believe in ourselves and tell ourselves that something bad will happen, then there is a probability that something bad will happen to us, not because superstitious phenomena bring bad luck, but because we ourselves manifest the bad luck through our beliefs/mental orientation. We resonate with corresponding energies/frequencies and consequently attract them into our lives. The situation is similar with placebos, which can trigger a corresponding effect in people who are convinced of a corresponding effect. As humans, we are responsible for whether we attract happiness or even unhappiness, whether we view circumstances from a positive or negative state of consciousness (at least as a rule, exceptions would represent very precarious living conditions, although one can also point out here could call upon one's own soul plan, but that is a different topic). Now, to come back to the daily energetic influences, apart from the star constellations, it should be said that the circumstance could also be stormy/intense in nature, because in the last few days we have repeatedly received stronger electromagnetic impulses (read here).

In the last few days we have received strong electromagnetic influences/impulses, which is why the days have been quite stormy in nature. We could also receive corresponding impulses tomorrow..!!

It could therefore also happen today. However, I can't estimate this yet because I don't have the data yet. Otherwise, today is a good day. So at 00:28 a.m. a sextile (harmonic angular relationship - 60°) between the Moon and Mars (in the zodiac sign Capricorn) came into effect, making us strong-willed, courageous, active, truth-loving and open.

Four harmonious lunar constellations

Four harmonious lunar constellationsSince this constellation also represents active action, people who worked on projects at night were able to benefit from it. The next constellation then took effect again at 02:08 a.m. and was a conjunction (conjunction = neutral aspect - but tends to be more harmonious in nature - depends on the respective planetary constellations/angular relationship 0°) between the moon and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Pisces) . This is also the only disharmonious constellation that reaches us today. These constellations could make us dreamy, oversensitive and unbalanced late at night. Nevertheless, this conjunction also encouraged a tendency towards loneliness. Almost an hour later, another sextile came into effect, namely between the Moon and Venus (in the zodiac sign Taurus), which is a fairly positive aspect with regard to love and marriage and therefore could and still can have a strong impact on our feelings of love. This constellation also makes us adaptable and accommodating. We could therefore be open to the family today. At 13:15 p.m. the third sextile comes into effect, namely between the Moon and Pluto (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which firstly awakens our sentimental nature, secondly makes us emotional and thirdly can awaken a desire for travel and adventure in us. Last but not least, almost 10 minutes later, at 13:26 p.m. to be precise, a trine (harmonic angular relationship - 120°) between the Moon and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio) will take effect, through which we could record social success and material gains. Through this connection we can also have a positive attitude towards life and a sincere nature.

Today's daily energy is mainly shaped by four harmonious lunar constellations, which is why we can have a pretty positive day ahead..!!

We are optimistic, attractive and may even have strong artistic interests. Well, due to the countless positive constellations, today could be extremely harmonious in nature, at least if we get involved with the corresponding influences and don't get too strong electromagnetic influences, otherwise it would become a little more intense. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/April/13

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