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With today's daily energy on October 12, 2022, we experience the influences of the second portal day of the current ten-day series of portal days. Thus, we are still within the process of traversing the great transcending portal that will bring about great changes on a personal and also on a collective/global level. It has profound effects on us Energy system takes place and we can experience fundamental changes within our consciousness alignment. The middle of October therefore takes us even deeper back to our own origins and aims to lead the collective into a particularly strong state of awakening.

The Great Portal Crossing

And ultimately, this is exactly the quality of energy that we currently need in the world, or rather it is the essential quality of energy that will ensure ever-increasing changes within the collective. Be it the portal days, stronger solar winds with magnetic field fluctuations, the full and new moons that have an ever stronger effect on us, the four sun and moon festivals, various transits, the entire cosmic interaction including its planetary anchorings, all of these influences are united in an intelligent effective force that is... The core is entirely aimed at leading ourselves and the collective into the highest/most balanced spheres. Everything is aimed at our complete healing process and the intensity is increasing. I believe that this overarching change can also be felt by each of you. Years ago one could perhaps still deny this profound process of change, but today the entire “playing field” has changed so much, i.e. the old world has deviated so far from its previous system normality that it has become noticeable for so many people. And as of today, within this special October, we can perceive the ascension into a new dimension or into a new overarching state of consciousness more than ever. These days the collective is moving through a large portal and is experiencing further disintegration of their old structure. The process of unmasking, i.e. leaving the old shell, takes place very strongly. This golden autumn literally carries us into our golden/true core.

Mercury in the zodiac sign Libra

In keeping with this, the sun is currently in the zodiac sign Libra, which means that our essence in relation to our relationship level (Bring harmony into our relationship with ourselves) is strongly addressed. On the other hand, Mercury also moved into the zodiac sign Libra last night at 01:47 a.m. There are currently three planets in the zodiac sign Libra (Sun, Venus and Mercury – In total there are even five planets. Three in Libra, one in Aquarius and one in Gemini). Our essence (Sonne), the relationship with ourselves (and the world – to our fellow human beings – Venus) and our communicative aspects (Merkur) would like to experience a state of balance and harmony (instead of going through extremes). With Mercury traveling directly in the zodiac sign Libra, whose ruling planet is Venus, diplomatic circumstances also want to become manifest. Instead of getting into conflicts and arguments, the focus is on the quality of the layering. Harmony wants to be brought into conversations or even arguments. In exactly the same way, Libra Mercury in direct transit avoids the tendency to extremes in conversations. It is a phase in which we tend to have a tendency towards conciliation and reconciliation within us or in which this tendency can be strongly encouraged. With this in mind, let us absorb the energies of the direct Libra Mercury together with the portal day energies and bring balance into circumstances that may have been characterized by disharmony until recently. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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