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Today's daily energy on October 12 stands for access to the core of things, for our connection to the entire creation and consequently also for our own spiritual presence, which in turn can experience a power of initiation and inspiration today. For this reason, today's daily energy also embodies in a certain way a process of birth, a powerful new beginning that encompasses all aspects of our being and brings us a little closer towards Christ consciousness or also called cosmic consciousness.

Powerful new beginning

Powerful new beginningIn this regard, the change of our planet, or rather the change of the entire human civilization, continues to advance and humanity continues to develop at an unimagined pace. In this context, the collective state of consciousness continues to be raised by strong cosmic influences, by real energetic surges, which on the one hand continues to stimulate the discovery of truth on our planet and, on the other hand, also makes us even more familiar with our own minds. In the meantime, our mental aspect is becoming more and more important and we can assume that the development of our own soul, the development of our own heart power, will definitely reach a new level in the next few days/weeks and months. In this regard, we are currently receiving very high levels of cosmic radiation and one has the feeling that there is almost no end in sight. As far as this is concerned, in 3 days we will be reaching another ten-day portal day series (from October 16th to 25th) and this will definitely create a very stormy energetic situation again. However, we should not look at this coming stormy circumstance from a negative perspective, but rather we should look forward to this stormy circumstance. So we can always draw a lot of energy from portal days (or generally from days on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us) and can use these influences to steer our own spiritual development in new directions. In general, the current phase is very suitable for a reorientation or for personal mental and emotional development.

Due to the very high energetic circumstances, the current phase is perfect for our own mental and spiritual development. We can therefore now initiate some important changes in our lives and redeem shadow parts, or rather hand them over in transformation..!!

For example, I've been feeling really well for a few days now, I'm full of energy, I feel extremely energetic, I'm experiencing a lot of joy in life and at the same time I'm very present in the present again. Ultimately, I was now able to overcome or free myself from my own profound dependencies and subsequently initiate some important changes in my life. For this reason, the current time is truly very special and definitely serves to redeem your own shadow parts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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