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Today's daily energy on November 12, 2019 is, on the one hand, influenced by the lingering influences of yesterday Transit of Mercury and on the other side by a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus. The full moon will reach its full form that we can see at exactly 14:36 p.m. and will then unfold its full power. At this point I will be with Marek from SuccessfulGlücklich and with him and another friend (Levin Lamb – Shaman), work together on the preparations for a new project, which is why the full moon energies will provide us with perfect magic in this regard.

Magical full moon energies

On the other hand, these influences also fit perfectly, because with this meeting the beginning or the realization of a new thought on our part will become manifest. On the other hand, this meeting involves three people, where I get to know Levin myself (the three of us meet), it has been clear for a long time, which is why the idea that was sown has come to completion in this regard. Well, at the end of the day, that is exactly the energy that the full moon gives us, because in this context full moons always stand for completion, completion, perfection and wholeness. On the other hand, they also intensify all processes that are anchored in the depths of our being. Especially with the Taurus aspect, this circumstance will be particularly reinforced, because with the associated Taurus connection, inner parts will be made clear to us, i.e. fears, disharmonious habits, beliefs and other structures through which we can remind ourselves of this prevent maintaining balance in life. Ultimately, light could also be brought into the darkness in this regard, just as the full moon always does at night or in the darkness. The glow of the moon illuminates the night, a circumstance that we can transfer 1:1 to ourselves today.

Today's full moon will really pack a punch in terms of energy. After all, apart from the fact that we are heading towards the coming golden decade, we are in the final two months of this decade, which is why, on the one hand, the pace of the process of spiritual awakening is incredibly accelerated, and on the other hand, the manifestation and transformation potential is enormous. Never have the days been so important to our own flourishing and never before have we been given the opportunity to clean up so much of our lives. Today will therefore follow this circumstance and once again provide us with incredible energy to change and realign our state of consciousness. Let us therefore welcome the light of the full moon. Deep structures on our part can be recognized..!!

And since yesterday, as already mentioned, a transit of Mercury reached us and November 11.11th always stands for one of the days of the year with the strongest manifestation, a special power of manifestation will also reach us today, i.e. our own plans, implementations and projects or all of that That we tackle ourselves will be accompanied by a huge foundation stone. For this reason, we should be particularly careful today and ensure that we, internally, experience desirable circumstances/states instead of undesirable circumstances/states, although we should generally pay attention to this. Well, in conclusion I can only say that we can look forward to today's influences. The magic is strong and I myself am very excited about today's influences. The light of the full moon will definitely illuminate our inner world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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