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Today's daily energy on November 12th is accompanied by strong energetic fluctuations due to a portal day and can therefore have a lot of effect on us. For this reason, this day is also suitable for the creation of new life situations; it can be responsible for larger changes reaching us again or, better said, for us being literally forced to initiate them in order to subsequently change our own structures again can, - at least when there are discrepancies in our lives or certain life situations throw us out of balance.

Strong energetic fluctuations

Strong energetic fluctuationsOn the other hand, due to this stormy energetic circumstance, countless conflicts could arise on all levels of existence today. Ultimately, these conflicts are also a result of a vibrational adjustment, which in turn reaches us humans due to the high cosmic radiation. This is how we humans automatically adapt our own frequency to that of the earth, which makes all of our old programs, negative habits, sustainable relationship patterns and living conditions visible to us in a special way. In this overarching process of spiritual awakening, we are asked to create more space for positivity in order to be able to ensure a transition into the 5th dimension or into a higher consciousness (the coming golden age will be a manifestation of a positively oriented of a collective state of consciousness, i.e. a humanity that in turn legitimizes harmonious and peaceful thoughts/emotions in its own mind). For this reason, today's portal day could stir up a lot of things within us and ensure a realignment of our own mind/body/soul system. On the other hand, today's daily energy is also accompanied by various star constellations, for example by a waning moon in the zodiac sign Virgo. So today, for example, we can concentrate entirely on the positive aspect between the Moon and Pluto, which will make us stronger-willed, have more assertiveness and, on the other hand, allow ourselves to be deceived significantly less. On the other hand, today's star constellation could also ensure that you meet an "old" love again, to whom you feel really attracted again. But new acquaintances that suddenly magically attract us are also possible in this constellation.

Due to today's daily energy, which in turn is reinforced by a portal day, we should definitely keep a cool head and try to achieve more balance instead of giving in to an imbalance..!!

Otherwise, today's daily energy will be accompanied by negative influences even at midday. This is how an opposition between the Moon and Neptune reaches us, which can ultimately make us dreamy, passive and unbalanced. (Opposition = tension aspect||180°). In the same way, this constellation could also make us oversensitive, nervous and unstable. As always, it should be said here that such upsets do not necessarily have to occur and are also related to the quality of the current state of consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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