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Today's daily energy on May 12, 2019 is, on the one hand, shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, at least in the first half of the day, which is why our self-confidence (Be self-aware - become aware of yourself, that you are the You are the creator of everything) can be increasingly in the foreground. In the evening, at 18:22 p.m. to be precise, the moon changes again to the zodiac sign Virgo.

Moon change & planetary resonance frequency/solar influences

Moon change & planetary resonance frequency/solar influencesThe “Virgo Moon” gives us stronger intellectual powers in this regard (analytical skills) and also promotes moods that make us more reliable, receptive and conscientious overall. We pursue our goals with zeal. Our projects can be realized. It is therefore a perfect opportunity to focus on our own dreams, i.e. if we have wanted to implement corresponding projects for a long time, then this will be more possible than ever in the next 2-3 days. In this context, our self-realization is currently very much in the foreground. Especially the strong influences, for example, as seen in the upper picture, the stronger solar influences, or as seen in the lower picture, the stronger planetary resonance frequency influences, both are indicators that a lot of magic has been/is being unleashed in the background and we are ourselves to be fully realized. Incredible processes continue to take place and our personal transformation is massively accelerated, essentially faster than ever before. The current phase is therefore the perfect opportunity to put an end to everything that is no longer useful to us. Newborn or like a phoenix from the ashes, we can rise and work to manifest our true self.

Learn to let go, that's the key to happiness. – Buddha..!!

Abundance, love and a feeling of bliss lie dormant in the heart of every human being/creator, waiting to be unfolded. Therefore, take advantage of the current potential and realize all your dreams, let the happiest and best version of yourself come to life. The timing is ideal! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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