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Today's daily energy on March 12, 2021 is characterized on the one hand by the storm energies, attributed to an extremely stormy or windy weather condition, and on the other hand by portal day influences, because today represents the third portal day of this month and finally reach us nor the influences of the waning moon, who changed from the Aquarius zodiac sign to the Pisces zodiac sign at 15:49 p.m. the day before yesterday and thus gives us the frequencies of the last zodiac sign. The Pisces moon will also let a special quality flow to us. So it finalizes or flows into tomorrow's new moon on March 13 (which becomes manifest at 11:27 am) and will come with strong visionary influences.

The storm and the coming new moon

The storm and the coming new moonFor this reason, the preliminary new moon influences are already having a strong effect on our state of consciousness today and are preparing us for new inner beginnings, new structures and a strong inner state of purity. In this context, I have already pointed out the quality of the individual phases of the moon in a previous daily energy article. Thus favoring the influences of a waning moon (which are still present today - waning moon shortly before new moon) Conditions on our part, which in turn are designed for the reduction/release of old or heavy energies. Detoxification processes work much more easily, because your own organism, along with the vibrations (rhythm) of the waning moon, simply provide a circumstance of general resolution of old structures. The waxing moon in turn favors the opposite processes, i.e. we can more easily manifest abundance in our mind. In the same way, our system is generally more receptive/receptive to nutrients. On the new moon day itself, the detoxification quality is at its highest, which is why bad habits can be changed perfectly on such a day. And ultimately, we are now faced with such an energy quality. Along with the water sign Pisces, which appeals to our nervous system in particular, we can relieve ourselves in this respect and really go in peace (calm the nerves).

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Otherwise, there is also the generally extremely stormy energy and above all the weather conditions. Stronger winds have reached us since yesterday and were able to clear many things. The storm energy is still present. Apart from that, this change in weather also shows us that a lot is currently changing in the background. As on the inside, so on the outside. The externally perceptible storm is merely a reflection of our inner state, which is currently being shaken up completely and, as a result, wants to separate itself from legacy and defective/blocking patterns. The storm energy, combined with the coming new moon, therefore represents an extremely powerful combination that wants to show us new paths in a special way. It is truly a special quality of energy. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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