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Today's daily energy on June 12, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon, which moved into the zodiac sign Gemini at 08:52 a.m. and since then has given us influences that could make us act quite inquisitively and quickly (if necessary, we act immediately when problems arise). The “Gemini Moon” could also make us feel more alert than usual and look for new experiences and impressions. Ultimately, this is a good time for all kinds of communication. Talk about meetings with friends, family and also training courses etc. could now benefit us.

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

Moon in the zodiac sign GeminiDue to our increased thirst for knowledge, we could also engage more with philosophical topics, perhaps even topics that fit the current pseudo-system or fit the current process of spiritual awakening. We are therefore interested in the supposedly “unknown” and are very open to new worlds. A certain impartiality could also come into play here, which would make it much easier for us to deal with relevant topics. In this context, it is also extremely important to legitimize a certain impartiality in one's own mind. If we have knowledge or information that does not correspond to our own, mostly conditioned, world view, then we are denying ourselves access to new knowledge. We then cannot open ourselves up to new terrains in any way and remain stuck in our own mental constructs. For this reason, it is also very important to look at life from an unbiased and unprejudiced perspective. If we directly reject information with which we cannot identify in any way, and even subsequently frown on the world of thought of another person or even expose it to ridicule, whether internally or externally, then we are only hindering our own intellectual development Ways. It is therefore extremely important that you respect another person's ideas and, if they do not correspond to your own ideas, deal with them objectively or respect them instead of laughing at them. Well, apart from the Gemini Moon, we also have three other constellations. So right at the beginning at 05:28 a.m. a sextile between the Moon and Venus came into effect, which firstly represents a very inspiring connection in terms of love and marriage and secondly makes us quite adaptable and accommodating.

It is easier to split an atom than a prejudice. - Albert Einstein..!!

Late in the evening, at 21:59 p.m. to be precise, Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Cancer, which means we could focus more on our past. On the other hand, this constellation promotes our adaptability and also our intellectual abilities. Especially if we feel a great internal interest in relevant topics, we could absorb quite a lot of knowledge. Last but not least, a trine between the Moon and Mars will take effect at 22 p.m., which could give us increased willpower and courage. This constellation also promotes a love of truth and openness within us. How far the day will go and which feelings and thoughts we legitimize in our own minds depends exclusively on ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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